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Marble never ages. A respectable classic, marble has been used to ornately decorate homes throughout the ages. It can add a splash of the classics to any bathroom or bar top.

It might not have the same durable strength as granite, but marble worktops are still equally as beautiful – and they’re a reliable choice when looked after correctly.

Marble is a head turner. Stunningly beautiful, and extremely versatile, marble can be used to seamlessly equip any interior, no matter what the look of the project. Whether it’s a bathroom surface, vanity top or bar top, marble oozes consistent class and style to any space. Known for its glamour and luxury, Marble is a naturally occurring stone, which means that every slab of marble will have unique patterns and graining. Get an instant quote today.

Why choose Impala Stone?

With years of expertise, you can expect quality advice and installation from Impala Stone. We’re marble experts, and we’re on hand to give you the best possible marble selection for your interior. We’re a family-run business, but that doesn’t stop us from delivering your marble order door to door.

Choosing marble can be a hard decision when there’s so much to choose from. That’s why Impala Stone has a wide display range of marble surfaces available in our showroom. With a wide range of finishes, textures and styles, Impala Stone is your go-to stonemason for unique marble surfaces.


Secured and locked-in protective properties using a high-quality sealant which provides long-lasting protection against stains, your marble stone surface will need to be cared for according to the aftercare instructions but can continue to provide the luxurious look you desire for years to come when properly cared for.

Benefits of
using marble

Marbled worktops are a solid choice for any space.

  • Stunning aesthetic

    Marble offers a timeless and classic aesthetic, suitable for any modern or classic home.

  • Hardwearing

    With the correct care routine, your marble worktop is hard wearing and durable enough to last the lifetime of your home.

  • Smooth texture

    A smooth texture with an easy-to-wipe surface, which makes for a practical and durable worktop.

More of our materials

At Impala Stone, we stock a whole range of beautiful stone surfaces for your home. View our other ranges of stone materials.

Colours and textures

Impala Stone stocks a wide range of colours, textures and finishes for your new marble bathroom vanity top. Whatever your taste, whatever you’re style – we’ll stock the perfect marble product for you.

This is a great choice for your home because it adds a gorgeous splash of style and tone.

What’s your style?

We offer a gorgeous range of colours and textures for your marble surface. From beautiful soft palettes to flamboyant swirly designs, there are designs for every taste and space. Marble is the ultimate interior decoration for your home. Looked after correctly, marble lasts a lifetime for your interior.

Marble is well worth the care and attention for a superior, sleek and classic aesthetic to your home.

Taking care of your marble worktop

Looked after correctly, marble is a durable material for your bathroom worktop. Its protective sealant locks in a variety of protective properties which allow you to continue using your marble bathroom surface for years to come. Locking in colour and texture and resisting fluid spillages, knocks and scratches.

Simply wipe clean after any spillages and apply a fresh sealant every few years.

Choose Impala Stone for your marble bathroom worktop

Choose your new marble bathroom worktop with Impala Stone. Visit our showroom for a closer look at our impressive range of marble stone surfaces. Offering a wide selection of natural stone surfaces to outfit your home with an impressive worktop surface that offers both functionality and aesthetic.

Our friendly staff go above and beyond to help you outfit your bathroom with the best stone materials and give you quality advice and a free, no-obligation quote before your purchase.

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