Limestone Hearths and Fireplaces

Infinitely durable and elegant, limestone is a versatile and fundamental stone for any household. A powerful natural stone, limestone hearths and fireplaces are reliable, tough and sturdy.

Yet despite sturdy makeup, limestone hearths and fireplaces add soft, sandy tones to the home to convey gentle natural interior themes. Limestone has become incredibly popular as a raw material option for homes all over the UK.

Limestone has gained mass popularity as an interior surface due to its non-slip properties. Whether it’s wet or dry, limestone’s coarse outer surface makes it perfectly slip-resistant.

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Why choose Impala Stone for your limestone hearth or fireplace

Impala Stone offers an impressive range of limestone surfaces for your home. We are a family-run stonemasonry business drawing on over 40 years of expertise.

We offer UK-wide delivery on all our luxury material stone surface products. No matter where you are, we’ll fully install your new stone surface product, ensuring everything snugly fits your requirements.

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Benefits of limestone

Limestone provides your space with high quality functionality and look. No matter what your project is, limestone has a place in your home.

  • Robust and durable

    Limestone has a density that you can rely on for a stain and scratch-resistant surface.

  • Natural aesthetic

    With warm, sandy palettes and grainy finishes, it’s no wonder limestone is a popular addition for a natural look.

  • Resists heat

    Limestone effortlessly resists extremely high temperatures without any surface damage or discolouration.

  • Slip resistant

    Retains its grip whether it’s wet or dry, making it a reliable surface for any busy household.

  • UV resistant

    You don’t have to worry about having your limestone product exposed to natural light.

Limestone colours and textures

Limestone matures and morphs colours beautifully as the years pass. Its sandy palette subtly melts into a more mature shade of beige.

Impala Stone’s limestone collection contains some gorgeously soft and subtle colours, with a palette that tiptoes between cool, blue tones to warm toffees.

Open grains allow for a slip-resistant texture, although they can be sanded down and polished for a smoother look and each cut of the stone is completely unique to you and your home.

Caring for your Limestone hearth or fireplace

Quality care is essential to retain the condition of your limestone product. Maintaining limestone isn’t difficult, but it requires some attention every now and then. When cleaning your limestone, try to use an alkaline surface cleaner, as acidic-based cleaners can strip the surface layer of the natural stone over time, and cause stains.

Opt for annual limestone sealing as part of a yearly maintenance plan. This makes sure your limestone product is kept sealed and protected from outside elements.

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