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Sandstone is a sedimentary rock with a coarse, open grained texture that’s colour will mature beautifully over the years.

Limestone, Sandstone & Gritstone are stunningly strong materials that are perfect for fire surrounds, fireplaces, hearths, stair cases, pool surrounds and other architectural features. The open grained texture of these stones makes them slip-resistant whether wet or dry. The unique colour and texture of Sandstone, Limestone & Gritstone will mature beautifully over the years.

Our Limestone Fire Surrounds are available in Staffordshire, Nottingham, Stoke on Trent, Ashbourne, Buxton, Derbyshire, Leicester, Mansfield and Sutton Coldfield, plus many more locations across the UK. 

Colours Available:

  • Antalya Cream (Beltrami)Antalya Cream (Beltrami)
  • Asian Blue (Beltrami)Asian Blue (Beltrami)
  • Bluestone (Beltrami)Bluestone (Beltrami)
  • Boisvillon (Beltrami)Boisvillon (Beltrami)
  • Bronzato (Beltrami)Bronzato (Beltrami)
  • Cathay Grey (Beltrami)Cathay Grey (Beltrami)
  • Cote D'Or (Beltrami)Cote D'Or (Beltrami)
  • Creme Do Mos (Beltrami)Creme Do Mos (Beltrami)
  • Desert Beige (Beltrami)Desert Beige (Beltrami)
  • Eski Beige (Beltrami)Eski Beige (Beltrami)
  • Garda GoldGarda Gold
  • Gris Catalan (Beltrami)Gris Catalan (Beltrami)
  • Italian Black Slate (Beltrami)Italian Black Slate (Beltrami)
  • Jaune d'Orient (Beltrami)Jaune d'Orient (Beltrami)
  • Jinin Stone (Beltrami)Jinin Stone (Beltrami)
  • Jura Beige (Beltrami)Jura Beige (Beltrami)
  • Jura Grey-blue (Beltrami)Jura Grey-blue (Beltrami)
  • Jura Solnhofener (Beltrami)Jura Solnhofener (Beltrami)
  • Kandla GreyKandla Grey
  • Kandla OchreKandla Ochre
  • Kandla White BeigeKandla White Beige
  • Kavalas (Beltrami)Kavalas (Beltrami)
  • Keda MixKeda Mix
  • Light-Roman-StoneLight-Roman-Stone
  • Massangis Roche Jaune Claire (Beltrami)Massangis Roche Jaune Claire (Beltrami)
  • Massangis Roche Jaune Nuancee (Beltrami)Massangis Roche Jaune Nuancee (Beltrami)
  • Maurya Grey (Beltrami)Maurya Grey (Beltrami)
  • Mirabelle (Beltrami)Mirabelle (Beltrami)
  • Mocca (Beltrami)Mocca (Beltrami)
  • Muschelkalk (Beltrami)Muschelkalk (Beltrami)
  • Noce (Beltrami)Noce (Beltrami)
  • Noir d'Orient (Beltrami)Noir d'Orient (Beltrami)
  • Perlato Olympo (Beltrami)Perlato Olympo (Beltrami)
  • Pierre de Bourgogne (Beltrami)Pierre de Bourgogne (Beltrami)
  • Raj GreenRaj Green
  • Raja Black (Beltrami)Raja Black (Beltrami)
  • Rosal (Beltrami)Rosal (Beltrami)
  • Saga Beige (Beltrami)Saga Beige (Beltrami)
  • Simyra (Beltrami)Simyra (Beltrami)
  • Sinai Pearl (Beltrami)Sinai Pearl (Beltrami)
  • Tandur Grey (Beltrami)Tandur Grey (Beltrami)
  • Tandur Yellow (Beltrami)Tandur Yellow (Beltrami)
  • Tapisa Beige (Beltrami)Tapisa Beige (Beltrami)
  • Thala Beige (Beltrami)Thala Beige (Beltrami)
  • Trinity Cream (Beltrami)Trinity Cream (Beltrami)
  • Tuscany (Beltrami)Tuscany (Beltrami)
  • Vinh Blue (Beltrami)Vinh Blue (Beltrami)
  • Woodstone Wenge (Beltrami)Woodstone Wenge (Beltrami)
  • Woodstone White (Beltrami)Woodstone White (Beltrami)