Granite Worktops

Granite Kitchen Worktops From Impala Stone

Granite is a timeless classic – a functional, practical yet beautiful kitchen worktop With easy maintenance and excellent durability, it’s an interior staple for any kind of household.

Our Granite Worktops offer a dependable surface that keeps up with your daily demands, whether you’re packing school lunches or preparing a Saturday night feast. Granite kitchen worktops give you the perfect easy-to-clean solution. They are naturally resistant to stubborn stains and, for added protection, our skilled craftsmen apply a high-quality sealant during installation, ensuring lasting durability.

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Gain Inspiration From Our Granite Kitchen Worktops

Formed underground through a combination of extreme heat and pressure, granite consists of a solid crystalline atomic structure. This is what provides granite with its unbreakable properties and the finished result is a sleek and luxurious aesthetic for your home.

Benefits of
Using Granite

Why choose granite for your kitchen worktops?

  • Easy maintenance

    Granite keeps life simple. Whilst keeping your kitchen surfaces smooth and sleek, it only takes a simple wipe clean.

  • Durable

    A durable surface with a level of heat and scratch resistance, but you should always use chopping boards and stands to protect your worktop.

  • Hardwearing

    Granite is tough, hardwearing and sturdy. It’s able to withstand the natural elements, it’s able to withstand your kitchen.

  • Practical

    Its durability and low maintenance makes granite the perfect option for a practical kitchen worktop for all kinds of household.

  • Aesthetic

    Available in a wide range of different colours, styles and textures. All different to suit your taste.

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Why Choose Impala Granite

Suited to all styles, spaces and tastes, Granite is an extremely versatile choice for all kitchen worktops. Despite its range in stylistics, its properties remain just as tough, no matter which material you opt for. Expect an easy-going kitchen when you install a granite kitchen worktop, whatever your material. It’s tough and dense. So, whether you’re exposing your kitchen to family dinners or cocktail parties, your granite worktop will be protected by the highest quality outer sealant. You can rest assured that your kitchen is granted long lasting protection, although extreme heat and sharp items can spoil its surface, so always use pot stands and chopping boards to preserve the immaculate finish.

Granite adds a splash of natural beauty to your kitchen, no matter what your aesthetic choice.

Colours and textures for all tastes

Colours range from statement galactical patterns to soft desert creams. Visually texturised with marble, sandy grains and busy layered contrasts whilst still retaining that smooth granite outer touch.

No matter what your aesthetic is, there is a style of granite that works stunningly for your kitchen.

Built to last

Maintenance is simple. A quick wipe clean with warm soapy water – and your granite worktop is good to go again.

With long lasting protective sealant, granite worktops are here for the long run, increasing the value of your home should you ever decide to move house.

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