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Cosentino’s range of Dekton is made up of the highest quality materials and come in a fantastic range of colours.

Cosentino’s Dekton is a sophisticated blend of the raw materials used to produce the very latest in glass and porcelain as well as the highest quality quartz work surfaces.

Dekton has some fantastic qualities: 

  • Heat Resistant
  • Highly Scratch Resistant
  • Resistant to Stains
  • High Resistant to Fire & Heat
  • Resistant to Abrasion
  • Resistant to Ice & Thawing 
  • Available in 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 20mm 

Dekton employs exclusive Sinterized Particle Technology, a high tech process which represents an accelerated version of the metamorphic change that natural stone undergoes when subjected to high temperatures and pressure over thousands of years. This process reduces risks associated with heat, staining and scratching. To read more about how Dekton is made and its advantages, please click here.

Dekton offer a 25 year warranty across all their surfaces. Click here to register once the completed surface is installed. 

Dekton worktops are available to order in Derbyshire, Leicester, Stoke on Trent, Sheffield, Nottingham, Sutton Coldfield, Staffordshire, Mansfield, Ashbourne, Derby, and Buxton, plus many more locations across the UK.

Colours Available:

  • AerisAeris
  • ArgaArga
  • Aura15Aura15
  • BergenBergen
  • Blanc_ConcreteBlanc_Concrete
  • BlazeBlaze
  • BromoBromo
  • DanaeDanae
  • DomoosDomoos
  • EntzoEntzo
  • EterEter
  • FiordFiord
  • FossilFossil
  • GalemaGalema
  • GlacierGlacier
  • HelenaHelena
  • KelyaKelya
  • KhaloKhalo
  • KiraKira
  • KorsoKorso
  • KorusKorus
  • KovikKovik
  • KretaKreta
  • LaosLaos
  • LaurentLaurent
  • LunaLuna
  • MakaiMakai
  • NaturaNatura
  • NaylaNayla
  • NiliumNilium
  • OperaOpera
  • OrixOrix
  • RadiumRadium
  • RemRem
  • SaseaSasea
  • SiriusSirius
  • SiroccoSirocco
  • SokeSoke
  • SpectraSpectra
  • SplendorSplendor
  • StratoStrato
  • TagaTaga
  • TriliumTrilium
  • VeghaVegha
  • VentusVentus
  • VeraVera
  • ViennaVienna
  • ZenithZenith