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Why choose Caesarstone?

Caesarstone manufacture premium quartz worktops containing up to 90% natural quartz. Caesarstone is extremely hard wearing and is impervious to stains, scratched & cracks. It's easy to care for and doesn't require sealing, treating or any other form of maintenance, except a simple wipe clean with regular detergent and water. For full instructions on how to care for your worktop check out our blog Caring for Kitchen Work Surfaces here.

Caesarstone are so confident in the quality of their products that they come with a 25 year limited residential warranty. For all the information and to activate your warranty visit: http://www.caesarstone.co.uk/customer-service/residential-warranty/

Our Caesarstone Kitchen Worktops are available in Staffordshire, Nottingham, Derby, Stoke on Trent, Ashbourne, Buxton, Derbyshire, Leicester, Mansfield and Sutton Coldfield, plus many more locations across the UK.

Caesarstone slabs are available in 304 x 144cm and 324 x 164cm. 

Colours Available:

  • 1001_Riverlet1001_Riverlet
  • 1002_Wyndigo1002_Wyndigo
  • 1003_Raindream1003_Raindream
  • 1004_Stoneburst1004_Stoneburst
  • 1006_Agger_Grey1006_Agger_Grey
  • 1141---Pure-White1141---Pure-White
  • 2003---Concrete2003---Concrete
  • 2141-Snow2141-Snow
  • 3100---Jet-Black3100---Jet-Black
  • 4001-Fresh-Concrete4001-Fresh-Concrete
  • 4004_Raw_Concrete4004_Raw_Concrete
  • 4030_Pebble4030_Pebble
  • 405_Midday405_Midday
  • 406_Clear_Skies406_Clear_Skies
  • 4120---Raven4120---Raven
  • 4130-Clamshell4130-Clamshell
  • 4141---Misty-Carrara4141---Misty-Carrara
  • 4230---Shitake4230---Shitake
  • 4600---Organic-White4600---Organic-White
  • 5000_London-Grey5000_London-Grey
  • 5003_Piatra-Grey5003_Piatra-Grey
  • 5031-Statuario-Maximus5031-Statuario-Maximus
  • 5100-Vanilla-Noir5100-Vanilla-Noir
  • 5101_Empira_Black5101_Empira_Black
  • 5111-Statuario-Nuvo5111-Statuario-Nuvo
  • 5112_Aterra_Blanca5112_Aterra_Blanca
  • 5121_Layalite5121_Layalite
  • 5131-Calacatta-Nuvo5131-Calacatta-Nuvo
  • 5133_Symphony_Grey5133_Symphony_Grey
  • 5141_Frosty-Carrina5141_Frosty-Carrina
  • 5143-White-Attica5143-White-Attica
  • 5151_Empira_White5151_Empira_White
  • 515_Palm_Shade515_Palm_Shade
  • 5171_Arabetto5171_Arabetto
  • 5211-Noble-Grey5211-Noble-Grey
  • 5810_Black_Tempal5810_Black_Tempal
  • 5820_Darcrest5820_Darcrest
  • 6131-Bianco-Drift6131-Bianco-Drift
  • 6134-Georgian-Bluffs6134-Georgian-Bluffs
  • 6141-Ocean-Foam6141-Ocean-Foam
  • 6270-Atlantic-Salt6270-Atlantic-Salt
  • 6338-Woodlands6338-Woodlands
  • 6338_Woodlands6338_Woodlands
  • 6600---Nougat6600---Nougat
  • Airy_ConcreteAiry_Concrete
  • Cloudburst_ConcreteCloudburst_Concrete
  • Frozen_TerraFrozen_Terra
  • Intense_WhiteIntense_White
  • MontblancMontblanc
  • Moorland_FogMoorland_Fog
  • PrimordiaPrimordia
  • Rugged_ConcreteRugged_Concrete
  • Topus_ConcreteTopus_Concrete

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