A Diverse Spectrum
of Worktop Materials

Impala Stone proudly supplies the broadest range of worktop materials available, to suit all tastes, spaces, and interior styles.

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Redefine your space with our diverse materials for worktop surfaces

Whatever your space, inject some character and tone with Impala Stone’s quality materials. Our diverse range of stones ranging from marble to granite, quartz and limestone can add depth and dimension to your worktops. They can also be customised to meet your specifications.

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Why choose Impala Stone?

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    Experienced stonemasonry professionals

    We have over 40 years of experience. We know what works, and what looks good.

Details and finishes

It’s all in the details. We meticulously handpick the best-quality materials with intricate and unique finishes.

Edge profiles

Select an edge profile to suit your look. From soft rounded edges to statement squared tips, we’ve got the perfect edge profile options to match your style and aesthetic. With the use of high-quality tools, we can tailor thicknesses and widths to suit your space and style.

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Radius and shaping detail

With a keen eye for function and practicality, Impala Stone can cut your new stone product into innovative shapes to perfectly suit your space and dimensions. Let the material mould to your home.

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Polished and textured surfaces

With an extensive range of polishes and textures available, you won’t be stuck for choice with Impala Stone’s endless surface exteriors. With a blend of choices, your Impala Stone product will be wholly unique.

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Template and installation

From the template date to the fitting date, which typically takes 7-10 days, our digital templates are created during discussions with our customers regarding their project requirements. Impala Stone ensures a seamless integration of your new stone surface product into your home. We take care of the installation, so you can relax and leave the heavy lifting to us.

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3D shaping and moulding

Impala Stone uses advanced technology to create an extensive range of gorgeous designs, all catered to your needs and requirements. We can shape and mould stone surface products into a completely unique design you won’t see in any other home.

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With our impressive technology, we can illuminate your new product with gorgeous backlighting to add tone and depth to any home.

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