Kitchen Worktops: Ideas and Inspiration

Whether you’re in the process of a total renovation or just giving your worktop a facelift, we are certain that we can find the perfect stone surface to create a sleek and luxurious finish. We provide bespoke worktop solutions, ensuring that your kitchen surface looks fantastic and suits your style.

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Kitchen Worktop Inspiration Gallery

With decades of successful kitchen worktop installations across the UK, we have many examples to inspire you with many possibilities for your own home. If you’re looking for the clean and bright look of white worktops or the dramatic impact of black stone with strategic lighting, or any of the other colours in between, we have access to every type of stone surface material you could wish for. See our gallery to gain inspiration for your project.

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Accommodating your Kitchen Worktop Accessories

We can accommodate the accessories your kitchen worktop needs, creating the perfect finished aesthetic. We can make sure that your chosen sink or taps are able to fit seamlessly into your chosen worktop.

If you’ve chosen a high-end stone surface and want a recessed draining area with draining grooves routed into the stone to provide the look you desire, we can ensure that you get the look you’re after ensuring that the finished sink and tap area flows directly out of your chosen stone worktop.

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Upstands and splashbacks

Depending on the style and aesthetic you’re looking for, upstands and splashbacks provide elegance and practicality.

Upstands are a vertical extension of the worktop to protect the wall from splashes and spills, whereas a splashback covers a greater area, extending the luxurious look of your worksurface and providing a practical and hygienic finish to the countertop areas, with a seamless visual flow across the surfaces and blending into the wall cabinets.

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Materials for Kitchen Worktops

View our range of recommended stone surface materials which are ideally suited to kitchen worktops. Depending on the busyness of the kitchen, different materials have levels of durability and porosity, see our full range of materials to select the right one for your kitchen installation.

Helpful advice:

Some stone surface materials are not recommended for use in kitchens owing to some of their characteristics. Materials to avoid as worktops include:

  • Marble

  • Onyx

  • Limestone

  • Slate

Details and finishes

We carefully hand-select the finest materials with elaborate and unique finishes to create the final wow factor you’re looking to create.

Edge profiles

Select an edge profile to suit your look. From soft rounded edges to statement squared tips, we’ve got the perfect edge profile options to match your style and aesthetic. With the use of high-quality tools, we can tailor thicknesses and widths to suit your space and style.

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Radius and shaping detail

With a keen eye for function and practicality, Impala Stone can cut your new stone product into innovative shapes to perfectly suit your space and dimensions. Let the material mould to your home.

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Polished and textured surfaces

With an extensive range of polishes and textures available, you won’t be stuck for choice with Impala Stone’s endless surface exteriors. With a blend of choices, your Impala Stone product will be wholly unique.

  • leathered granite
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  • matrix

Template and installation

From the template date to the fitting date, which typically takes 7-10 days, our digital templates are created during discussions with our customers regarding their project requirements. Impala Stone ensures a seamless integration of your new stone surface product into your home. We take care of the installation, so you can relax and leave the heavy lifting to us.

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3D shaping and moulding

Impala Stone uses advanced technology to create an extensive range of gorgeous designs, all catered to your needs and requirements. We can shape and mould stone surface products into a completely unique design you won’t see in any other home.

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With our impressive technology, we can illuminate your new product with gorgeous backlighting to add tone and depth to any home.

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More inspiration

Stone surfaces don’t only suit kitchens. See some of the other ways that our clients have used stone materials to create stunning and luxurious interiors and gain inspiration for your own projects.

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