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Experience the unparalleled elegance of a natural stone fireplace and hearth designed for both open fires and woodburning stoves.

Whether you’re envisioning a captivating hearth, a stylish fireplace hearth, or the timeless allure of hearth stones and tiles, our collection promises to elevate your space with unmatched sophistication and charm. Choose from our curated selection to transform your living area into a haven of warmth and visual delight.

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Stone Hearths & Fireplaces Gallery

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Impala Stone, where traditional open fireplaces and modern multi-fuel stove surrounds meet perfection. Our range of sturdy and enduring stone materials is meticulously designed to complement hearths, surrounds, and fireplaces. Tailor the size to achieve the cozy or grand impression you seek, with our bespoke services ensuring precision in every detail. Explore our gallery of previous installations for inspiration as you embark on your hearth, fireplace, hearth stone, fire hearth, or hearth tile project, confident that Impala Stone is your trusted partner in crafting spaces of enduring elegance.

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Dimensional stone

Dimensional stone has been cut, shaped and finished to specific sizes and shapes. This versatile stone, well-suited for fireplaces, hearths, stairways, and even monuments and sculptures, adds enduring elegance to various applications. Whether you desire a stunning marble installation for your living flame hearth or wood burner, or a striking traditional statement made from sandstone or limestone for an open fire, our skilled team ensures the ideal material is tailored to your unique requirements. Elevate your space with hearths, fireplace hearths, hearth stones, fire hearths, and hearth tiles, each showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of dimensional stone.

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Recommended materials

See our range of materials that are perfectly suited for hearths and fireplaces. Marble, granite, limestone, slate, sandstone and gritstone are all durable and strong, making them ideal for complementing all forms of fireplace surrounds.

Helpful advice:

Not all stone materials are suitable for fireplaces, hearths and fire surrounds, but some that are perfectly suited include:

  • Granite

  • Limestone

  • Marble

  • Sandstone

  • Gritstone

  • Slate

Details and finishes

We carefully hand-select the finest materials with elaborate and unique finishes to create the final wow factor you’re looking to create.

Edge profiles

Select an edge profile to suit your look. From soft rounded edges to statement squared tips, we’ve got the perfect edge profile options to match your style and aesthetic. With the use of high-quality tools, we can tailor thicknesses and widths to suit your space and style.

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Radius and shaping detail

With a keen eye for function and practicality, Impala Stone can cut your new stone product into innovative shapes to perfectly suit your space and dimensions. Let the material mould to your home.

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Polished and textured surfaces

With an extensive range of polishes and textures available, you won’t be stuck for choice with Impala Stone’s endless surface exteriors. With a blend of choices, your Impala Stone product will be wholly unique.

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Template and installation

From the template date to the fitting date, which typically takes 7-10 days, our digital templates are created during discussions with our customers regarding their project requirements. Impala Stone ensures a seamless integration of your new stone surface product into your home. We take care of the installation, so you can relax and leave the heavy lifting to us.

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3D shaping and moulding

Impala Stone uses advanced technology to create an extensive range of gorgeous designs, all catered to your needs and requirements. We can shape and mould stone surface products into a completely unique design you won’t see in any other home.

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With our impressive technology, we can illuminate your new product with gorgeous backlighting to add tone and depth to any home.

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A list of most asked questions and answers related to Hearth and Fireplaces

  • Decorative objects such as artwork, vases and candles can be placed on the surface of a fireplace hearth to create a beautiful focal point. To further enhance the style of fireplace hearths and overall ambience of the room, you may also think about adding a rug, a fire screen or a stunning arrangement of firewood. Also be conscious of adding decorations that are combustible.

  • It’s important to hire credible and professional fire hearth installers, like the experts at Impala Stone, to ensure your hearth provides expert protection from the heat as well as looks amazing. Typically, they will first clear the area in front of the fireplace and then, with the chosen non-combustible and heat-resistant material, they will cut the material to the right size and shape and install it in front of the firebox, securing and finishing all edges and joints for a polished look.

  • The process for tiling a fireplace hearth in the UK is similar to those in other countries. Selecting the right tiles, preparing the surface, applying adhesive, setting the tiles, grouting them and sealing them are all necessary. When working on fireplace hearths, local laws and safety precautions must be strictly adhered to, and that’s why the best option is to get in touch with Impala Stone to tile your hearth for a fireplace.

  • It is vital only to use non-combustible materials for your hearth that meet all legal requirements and building codes. Hearth stone materials including natural stone, granite, limestone, marble, concrete, slate, brick and ceramic or porcelain tiles all have the necessary heat-resistant properties that make your fireplace safe. Choosing a material that accompanies your home’s look and style will mean you’ll have a safe and aesthetically pleasing hearth fireplace.

  • The floor area in front and within a fireplace is known as a fireplace hearth. It is composed of heat-resistant materials and is intended to shield the surrounding area from heat and embers. It also improves the fireplace’s overall attractiveness by acting as a decorative element.

  • A fireplace hearth is the floor space in front and within the fireplace. Fireplace hearths are made from non-combustible materials, such as stone, brick and porcelain tile, and protect the surrounding area from heat and embers, as well as giving the fireplace a beautiful touch, serving both practical and aesthetic objectives.

  • Your preferred style is the main factor that will determine which base is best for a fireplace hearth. Here at Impala Stone, we provide multiple choices for hearth tiles for your fireplace, including heat-resistant and durable limestone, sintered stone, granite, marble, slate, sandstone and gritstone. We can recommend the best base and materials to use for your home’s hearth, with tailored solutions to suit your visuals, cut to exact sizes.

More inspiration

Stone surface materials aren’t only used for fireplaces and hearths. See ways that some of our other clients have used stone materials to create stunning and impressive interior spaces and gain inspiration for your own home.

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