Bathroom Stone Surfaces: Inspiring Designs

The bathroom is so much more than just a place to clean up, creating a luxurious and sleek bathroom setting with beautiful stone products will ensure a room perfect to de-stress and unwind in.

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Inspiration gallery

Stone surfaces in a bathroom ensure hygiene and easy maintenance whilst providing a sleek and beautiful aesthetic that creates an inspirational bathroom for your family and guests to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for clean, fresh white stone vanity units and splashbacks, dramatic neutrals throughout the floor, wet room and walls or even a darker stone for dramatic appeal with lighting, we can supply the exact product you’re looking for. See our gallery of previous projects for inspiration.

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Upstands and splashbacks

In a bathroom having splashbacks and upstands behind sinks and showers are vital elements for keeping the relevant areas watertight. Stone products are great for waterproofing, keeping moisture from getting into the walls or floors and with the minimum of the right maintenance will stay looking as new for years to come. Upstands and splashbacks made from stone products are resilient and hygienic and always give the appearance of luxury to any bathroom.

Surfaces and cladding

Popular in the warmer climates of the Mediterranean, using stone products for cladding and the surfaces of the bathroom is growing as a trend in the UK. Able to be installed with underfloor heating, stone products for surfaces and cladding give an exotic and luxurious feel to even the smallest bathroom. The water-resistant properties of the surfaces and claddings we supply mean your bathroom will be protected from water damage and easy to maintain hygiene levels.

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Shower trays

Shower trays and wet rooms with stone surface materials that have been professionally sealed can provide a beautiful and practical aesthetic to your showering area. Stone products are waterproof and so long as they’re thoroughly sealed, give an enduring finish year after year. Non-porous and durable, stone shower trays, such as the Silestone collection and our bespoke offerings are non-slip, hygienic and look stunning for a bathroom you can be proud to show off to your guests.

Bowls and baths

Stone surface products are not limited to shower areas, they can offer stunning solutions for vanity tops, stone baths, wash basins, bath surrounds and panels, shelving and so many more options – giving your bathroom the wow factor that will impress your family and guests. Our bathroom stone products can be anti-slip and have bacteriostatic protection as well as be custom designed to the bespoke shapes and sizes you require.

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Recommended materials

Depending on the busyness of your bathroom and the types of facilities you’re looking to see installed, there are a range of different stone surface materials you can select from. See our full range of materials suitable for bathroom applications below to choose the perfect match for your home.

Helpful advice:

Some stone surface materials are not recommended for use in bathrooms because of their characteristics, such as porosity and durability. Materials to avoid for bathroom surfaces include:

  • Onyx

  • Limestone

  • Slate

Details and finishes

We carefully hand-select the finest materials with elaborate and unique finishes to create the final wow factor you’re looking to create.

Edge profiles

Select an edge profile to suit your look. From soft rounded edges to statement squared tips, we’ve got the perfect edge profile options to match your style and aesthetic. With the use of high-quality tools, we can tailor thicknesses and widths to suit your space and style.

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Radius and shaping detail

With a keen eye for function and practicality, Impala Stone can cut your new stone product into innovative shapes to perfectly suit your space and dimensions. Let the material mould to your home.

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Polished and textured surfaces

With an extensive range of polishes and textures available, you won’t be stuck for choice with Impala Stone’s endless surface exteriors. With a blend of choices, your Impala Stone product will be wholly unique.

  • leathered granite
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  • matrix

Template and installation

From the template date to the fitting date, which typically takes 7-10 days, our digital templates are created during discussions with our customers regarding their project requirements. Impala Stone ensures a seamless integration of your new stone surface product into your home. We take care of the installation, so you can relax and leave the heavy lifting to us.

3D shaping and moulding

Impala Stone uses advanced technology to create an extensive range of gorgeous designs, all catered to your needs and requirements. We can shape and mould stone surface products into a completely unique design you won’t see in any other home.

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  • limestone fire surround 2
  • limestone fire surround 3


With our impressive technology, we can illuminate your new product with gorgeous backlighting to add tone and depth to any home.

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More inspiration

Stone surface materials don’t only suit bathrooms, see below some of the different ways that our other clients have used them to create inspiring and stunning interiors, inspiring you for your own project.

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