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20 March 2024

How Much Do Quartz Worktops Cost in 2024?

Want to know the cost of quartz worktops in 2024, read our expert guide for all the information you need!

Welcome to the world of sophisticated elegance and durability within the world of quartz worktops! As we navigate through 2024, the quest for the perfect kitchen, or bathroom, aesthetic continues with quartz leading the charge as a top contender in the worktop arena. However, you might well be asking what the financial commitment will be for embracing this blend of beauty and resilience for your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you’re renovating, building or simply curious this blog will aim to delve into the nuances of quartz worktop costs and ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision. So, buckle up as we dive into the cost of quartz worktops and explore how to maximise your investment in a timeless worktop feature.

Factors affecting quartz worktop costs

There are a variety of factors that impact the cost of quartz worktops, making the choice and installation a unique financial investment. Some of the main factors are:

Brand – there are several quartz brands, some of which are more premium than others, impacting on cost.

Quality – all our quartz is A grade premium quartz, we offer no lower grade quartz.

Size and thickness – slab sizes vary which impact costs, thickness size 12mm, 20mm & 30mm

Complexity of installation – manufacturing costs for cutouts, polishing, additional extras.

Colour and hue – some colours are easier for quartz brands to manufacture than others. Quartz is man made so not rare its just the process it takes to create the colour can be harder to recreate than others.

Local market factors – the geographical location and local market can also sway the price tag based on demand, availability and labour costs.

Average cost of quartz worktops in the UK

The average cost of quartz worktops in the UK can vary widely, with several factors influencing the final price. According to Checkatrade, the cost of a quartz worktop, including installation, is around £375 per square metre. This means you could expect to pay approximately £1,125 for a small kitchen (3 m), £2,250 for a medium kitchen (6 m) and £3,375 for a large kitchen (9 m). As stated above, these costs can fluctuate based on various factors. So, for an exact price for your unique project, the best way to find out the cost of quartz worktops is to contact our team for a free, no-obligation quote.

Quartz worktop prices from Impala Stone

At Impala Stone we pride ourselves on offering the best quality from the top-rated brands, at the most competitive prices, along with specialised fitting. As every client and project is unique, there is no one-price-fits-all bracket and we always create quotes & invoices for each customer’s needs. We have a vast range of quartz products to offer and are always happy to discuss your desires and requirements.

Cost-saving tips and alternatives

If you’re set on quartz worktops but the cost is a stretch here are a few tips to help the budget stretch a little further:

Choose standard thickness – standard thickness are 20mm & 30mm, you don’t get thicker than this. We can build up the edges or mitre the edges to make them look thicker – more expensive because they are labour intensive.

Simple edge profiles – standard chamfer edge profiles are more economical than complex ones which can escalate the price.

Colours – plainer colours are budget friendly whereas, highly patterned/multiple colour combinations are more expensive.

Use offcuts – ask if the offcuts can be used for splashbacks rather than ordering additional slabs. This will also provide a more cohesive look. Sometimes suppliers have remnants which are a great deal cheaper for a smaller space.

Budget carefully – make a plan and stick to it as last minute changes can incur additional costs.

Promotions or discounts – sometimes a bargain can be found in a promotional event, or an end of line selection that can bring the costs down further.  We often have sales on various colour ranges

Consider alternatives – quartz isn’t the only stone surface that can give a look of elegance with durability. Impala Stone can offer a selection of different stone products which can prove to be more budget friendly. Read more about the benefits of granite vs quartz in our blog. We have products available in many materials such as marble, granite, sintered stone and more.

Some of these tips can help to make a more informed decision as well as potentially reduce the costs of quartz worktops whilst still providing a unique and luxurious look.

What next?

So, to conclude this journey through the world of quartz worktop costs, it’s clear that ultimately this investment is not just about adding a touch of elegance and a ‘wow’ factor to your home, it’s about making a smart, long-term decision that blends style with sustainability. Quartz worktops, with their durability, low maintenance and timeless appeal present a wise choice in return on investment and the value of your home, whilst providing an aesthetically alluring benefit for years to come. Remember, knowledge is power, so dive deep into research and obtain multiple quotes to give you the clearest picture and help you align your preferences with your budget.

So, take your time, weigh your options, get advice from our expert professionals and let your quartz worktops be a testament to your savvy, style-conscious and forward-thinking approach to home improvement. After all, the right selection today will be your source of pride and joy for many tomorrows.

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