20 March 2024

Granite Worktop Costs in 2024

Granite worktops are famed for their unique appearance and value. In this blog, we have detailed everything you need to know about the cost of Granite Worktops 2024

A premium material that is gaining in popularity, granite worktops costs vary due to their unique appearance and the value they add to a property. Crystals that form within the stone provide a sense of beauty and aesthetic appeal to any worktop. Its glossy reflective surface adds a certain allure, which is why the demand for granite for worktops is increasing.

What determines the price of granite worktops

Material quality and grade

No two granite slabs are identical, their distinct patterns contribute to cost differences in worktops. Certain types of granite have unique colours that are less commonly seen. There are luxurious forms of granite slabs that are desirable and rare, therefore highly sought after. The origin of the granite also factors in to the cost and quality, some granite from Brazil is so exquisite and rare that it’s high in demand.

While all our granite are of premium quality, our pricing structure starts at tier 1, the most budget-friendly option, and extends to tier 10, which features a more exotic, fragile material.

Worktop thickness and size

The difference in cost between 20mm and 30mm standard size worktops is relatively minor, typically around a 10% increase from 20mm to 30mm. We also offer edge build-up options to increase worktop thickness, which does raise the cost due to the additional manufacturing time required. This includes options such as building up the edge or creating a mitred edge to give the appearance of greater thickness.

Additionally, the size of the slabs can impact the overall cost; granite slabs tend to be larger than quartz. While this can be advantageous for larger projects where all worktops can be cut from a single slab, it may result in higher costs for smaller projects that require only a portion of a slab. Our expert team is available to discuss customised options to meet specific requirements and provide quality designs, albeit with potential additional costs.

Our granite worktop price ranges

At Impala Stone we understand the cost of granite worktops can factor into your decision making. That’s why we offer competitive pricing on all our items and services. The cost of a worktop can depend on: the work that goes into a worktop – material cost + size of worktops + cutouts + polishing + extras such as upstands, cills, splashbacks etc + slab sizes + template & fitting destinations.

Why we think you should choose granite for your worktop

There are a range of benefits to why you should enhance the appearance of your property with a granite worktop. Their reflective surface and unique beauty add elegance to any environment and are easy to maintain. Additionally, they are resistant to heat, easy to clean and durable due to being made of the hardest natural stone.

If you’re ready to begin your journey of adding natural beauty to your home with a worthwhile investment guaranteed to turn any room into a luxurious atmosphere, then reach out to us for a free no-obligation quote.

Granite worktop cost FAQs

How much is a granite kitchen worktop?

There are a lot of budget friendly granites. Price group 1 is the most affordable while price group 10 is the highest tier of premium granite. We have granite worktops ranging in all colours, finishes, patterns and price groups. Our bespoke prices ensure you can conveniently find the right worktop for your budget.

Are granite worktop prices worth it?

When considering the cost of granite worktops one thing that gets overlooked is how in many ways it’s an investment that can help with the value of your property. There are a variety of budget friendly options available for those in need of a more affordable granite worktop, as well as other stone surfaces. Overall, the longevity of granite makes it a worthwhile addition to any home or business.

Is granite less expensive than quartz?

Quartz is generally slightly less expensive but it’s important to factor in aspects such as colours, patterns and quality as it may not always be the more cost-effective option. If you want to expand your choices for a worktop then read Differences Between Granite and Quartz to see other options for home improvement and design. It is also important to know that Granite comes in larger slabs, so it’s important to get a quote as you may only need 1 slab of granite instead of 2 slabs of quartz.

Do you have a team that will install it for me?

Yes, our process involves a team of skilled and experienced craftsmen who will visit your home and take precise measurements. Then they will install your granite worktop at a time that best suits you and provide you with all the information regarding warranties and aftercare. Our team will do everything to help you get the most out of your worktop.

How would I clean my granite worktop?

The process of cleaning your granite worktop is important for maintaining its allure and longevity. We have A Comprehensive Guide on Cleaning Your Granite Worktops so that you’re able to keep your worktop in pristine condition and have it looking luxurious for years to come.