Leathered granite worktop finish

3 May 2024

Choosing A Finish For Your Worktop

You've selected your worktop material, but what about the finish? There's a range of options you can choose from, but we're here to help you decide.

So, you’ve decided which material you’d like for your new kitchen or bathroom. Great! That’s a major step, but have you considered which finish you’ll have? Your final worktop finish will affect the overall look and style of not just your surfaces but your entire room.

We know we’re throwing a final spanner in the works here, but it’s a very important spanner and one we’ll help you remove by the end of this blog post. Stick with us and we’ll help you decide on the perfect kitchen worktop finish for your home.

Matrix worktop finish options

Matrix worktop finish options



We’ll start with arguably the more popular option: polished. Polished worktops are the classic choice for many homeowners and are favoured for being easy to clean and reflective, helping them bounce light around a room more effectively – a major advantage in small or naturally lit kitchens.


Matte worktop surfaces offer a more contemporary look, and they come with their own set of pros and cons. Matte finishes are usually lower maintenance than polished ones, but won’t bounce light around and will require more thorough cleaning at longer intervals. Many of our material choices are available with a matte finish, but some particular brands list it by their own name, so, for your clarity:

  • Silestone = Suede
  • Dekton = Velvet
  • Compac = Glacia
  • Ceasarstone = Honed / Natural
  • Neolith = Silk / Satin


Leathered worktops are one of our more interesting finish options. Also known as Caressed, this textured finish can be applied to granite, quartzite and marble, and exaggerates the natural surface variations of the rock. Leathered worktops will require more frequent resealing, but provide a unique finish that highlights the natural qualities of your material. Much like with matte surfaces, some brands of sintered stone have their own name for leathering:

  • Silestone = Volcano
  • Ceaserstone = Rough
  • Xtone = Nature
  • Ceaserstone Porcelain = Ultra Rough
Leathered granite worktop finish

Leathered granite worktop finish


Honed surfaces provide a very smooth, sleek matte appearance that’s perfect for kitchen worktops. This finish can be applied to granite, quartzite and marble and gives a very slick, contemporary feel to any space.

Honed Black Hearth

Honed Black Hearth

Flamed and brushed

Used for granite and quartzite surfaces, this finish is achieved by exposing the stone to intense heating and cooling, creating a raised, textured surface. This will require more frequent sealing, but perfectly showcases the patterns of the stone, and is used primarily for hearths and outdoor applications.


A concrete finish is designed to replicate the clean effect of smooth concrete, giving a very clean, modern appearance with a subtle texture.


What information do you need to get a quote?

Hopefully, by this point, we’ve helped to remove your metaphorical worktop-shaped spanner, and you’re now looking to get quotes for your preferred worktop finish choice. But what information do you need to get your quote?

  • Kitchen plans with dimensions – You need at least a rough idea of your overall kitchen plan and some dimensions for your new worktops. As part of your process, our team here at Impala Stone will come and take precise measurements to avoid any mistakes, but some starting guidelines will go a long way to getting you the most accurate quote.
  • Sink choices – It’s important to know the size of aperture you need for your sink, and ideally an overall size and style, as this will all impact the amount of cutting involved and the final mounting process for your worktops.
  • Hob choices – Similarly to your sink choice, it’s very helpful for us to know the size and style of hob you’re opting for, as this will also affect our cutting and mounting process.
  • Material choice and thickness – Your ideal material and preferred thickness is crucial.
  • Location – So we can calculate delivery and complexity of installation.
  • Other cutouts – This includes additional details such as plug sockets.
  • Upstands – Whether you’d like your surfaces with or without upstands.
  • Splashbacks – If you’d like splashbacks, we need to know sizes.
  • Window sills – We can provide cuts and materials for window sills, just provide measurements.
  • Accessories – Many of our customers choose to include extras such as matching chopping boards or pantry tops cut in the same material as their worktops.
  • Edge profile – Let us know your preferred style of edge profile. Our standard offering is chamfered, so unless you specify, that’s what we’ll quote for.

Get an instant quote now!

With all of this information in hand, you can go ahead and get your free quote from Impala Stone. We offer some of the best service, materials and prices available anywhere in the UK, and have more than a decade of experience providing customers with their choice of premium kitchen worktop finishes.

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