24 January 2024

A Comprehensive Guide to Marble Worktops

Ever wondered what Marble Worktops are? in this comprehensive piece, we explore everything you need to know about Marble Worktops and how Impala Stone is your go-to-source for all things Marble worktops.

For ancient civilisations across the Mediterranean, marble was the material of choice amongst the wealthy and discerning, and was used to construct temples, tombs, and great homes. Today, thanks to advances in quarrying and transportation, marble is much more accessible, and is used more commonly in our homes for things such as marble worktops, floors, walls and decorative features.

While marble is no longer the reserve of the wealthy, it still retains its reputation for quality and is a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their homes. In this guide to marble worktops, we’re going to look at what marble is, its advantages, how to choose the right marble kitchen worktop, some installation and maintenance tips, the price of marble worktops, and how to clean your marble.

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Marble unveiled

Marble begins life as a limestone before it’s subjected to intense geological heat and pressure in a process called metamorphosis, which compacts and hardens its structure.

Along the way, minerals and deposits in the limestone are melted and reformed into veins of distinct patterns and colours, leaving the resulting marble with the attractive, varied finishes that we find so alluring.

Advantages of marble worktops

Marble worktops have become so popular thanks to the natural characteristics that this dramatic formation process gives the material. Marble is extremely durable when given the right level of care and is naturally heat resistant.

Additionally, because there are so many variables in the formation of marble, such as the appearance and constitution of its original rock, where it’s formed, and the exact levels of heat and pressure it’s exposed to, each piece is entirely unique. Your marble kitchen worktops are guaranteed to be found nowhere else in the world.

Because marble retains so much of its reputation for quality and distinction, fitting your kitchen with marble worktops can even increase the value of your property.

Choosing the right marble worktop

At Impala Stone, we stock a multitude of different marble finishes, patterns and styles, but how do you select the right one for your worktops?

One of the easiest ways to refine your choices is to consider your intended colour scheme. Marble comes in a variety of colours, so you can be sure to find something to match your design. Conversely, you may decide to design your kitchen around your choice of marble and start by selecting your colour and veining, then using this to influence the rest of your aesthetic options.

You could base the colour of other design features on the shade of the veining in your particular marble worktops.

Additionally, you can opt for any one of a range of finishes for your worktops, including polished or honed options. These can be used to add varying textures to your kitchen and can also be complemented by other elements throughout your design.

Installation and maintenance tips

With an experienced and reputable marble worktop installer such as Impala Stone, your maintenance process should be a breeze.

We employ a simple six-step process for all of our installations –

Step 1 – We collect as much information about your requirements as possible and can work with you to refine your choices if you’re unsure.

Step 2 – This information is then collated into a free, no-obligation quote to give you an idea of the cost of your worktops as well as the installation.

Step 3 – With your quote confirmed, we’ll arrange a time to visit your home where we can take exact measurements for your new worktops.

Step 4 – We’ll then conduct our visit on the arranged date and collect all of the information we need to ensure a precise fit.

Step 5 – Armed with these details, we can get to work cutting and finishing the marble to your specifications using our state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Step 6 – Your finished worktops will be delivered to your home and installed by our expert team, who will also equip you with all the warranty and aftercare information you need to keep your worktops pristine.

With your marble worktops installed, it’s crucial to take good care of them. While marble is a highly durable material, it’s still possible to damage it with improper use and care. Your marble kitchen worktops will be sealed with a protective layer when they’re fitted, and this should last several years. You will need to reseal your worktops once every five years or so, but this is something you can easily do yourself.

Additionally, it’s good practice to avoid cutting directly on the worktops themselves, and, if possible, avoid spilling things such as red wine on them. However, it is possible to remove most stains with simple household cleaning products. Frequent exposure to acidic substances such as lemon juice should also be avoided, if possible, as these can degrade the sealant and make it easier to scratch or chip your new worktops.

Your marble worktops will age naturally as time goes on, but as long as you manage this with effective cleaning and preventative measures, it will be more of a patina that adds character over time.

The price of marble worktops

The price of your marble kitchen worktops will vary depending on the amount of marble you choose, including the size of your worktops and their thickness, as well as the complexity of the fitting process.

At Impala Stone, we offer a free, no-obligation quoting service. Just get in touch with us today to get your tailored quote or visit our Derbyshire showroom to view our options in person!

How to clean marble worktops

While it is possible to stain your marble worktops, most stains can thankfully be removed using simple household cleaning products such as bicarbonate of soda or hydrogen peroxide. There are also several specialised marble cleaning products on the market.

One of the best ways to prevent stains from becoming an issue to begin with, is to ensure that your worktops are effectively sealed on a regular basis. Thankfully, this is a simple task that you can do yourself at home.

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