Image of a fireplace hearth

18 December 2023

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Fireplace Hearth for Your Home in 2024

At the very heart of the home, the fireplace is often the centre of family gatherings whether it’s a simple cosy night in or for the children to put treats out on the fireplace hearth for Father Christmas.

The hearth is a focal point within your property, and they are known to stand the test of time, which is why when replacing your hearthstone there are lots of factors to take into consideration. Here at Impala Stone, we know everything you need to know about the trusty fireplace hearth and are well-equipped to help you decide on what will best suit your home and needs.

Personalising your home: assessing your hearth requirements

You may be thinking what is a hearth and why do I need one in my home? Hearth refers to the floor or base of your fireplace, the hearthstone typically tends to extend out into the room as a safety feature and is commonly made from solid stone, stonework or brick due to their heat resistance. More commonly now the fireplace hearth is a central design element for a room and can quite often be accessorised to enhance your home aesthetics.

At Impala Stone, we understand that the hearth is an important feature of the home, and it needs to meet both practical and aesthetical needs. Determining the type of fireplace hearth, you need in your home can all depend on specifics such as the size of your fireplace, the aesthetic of your home and even down to the type of fire you have. It is important to keep in mind that there are hearth size regulations in the UK and other legal factors that must be followed when installing a new one into your home.

From classic to contemporary: exploring hearth varieties

Of course, like every element of our home there is always plenty of choice and that’s also including the fireplace hearth. There are plenty of different hearthstones to choose from at Impala Stone, whether you want something for your open fire or woodburning stove, we have a range of materials and designs available to choose from for your hearth. The main fireplace hearth designs to choose from consist of traditional and modern:

Traditional: A traditional hearthstone is typically crafted from natural stone and features an unpolished finished surface.

Modern: Modern fireplace hearths tend to have a clean aesthetic, with clean lines and polished surfaces for a more contemporary appeal.

The art of materials: unveiling the range of hearth options

When it comes to choosing your fireplace hearth, there is a range of materials to choose that are all perfect for use in your fireplace thanks to their durability, heat resistance and strength. Our material recommendations for the perfect hearthstone consist of:

Each material has its aesthetic appeal and can be adapted to your home’s style to create a fireplace hearth that is the focal point of any room. From choosing marble for a more luxurious feel to your home’s aesthetic to limestone for its neutral country home feel, at Impala Stone we have a fantastic selection of materials perfect for your hearthstone.

Crafting ambiance: design factors in hearth selection

Deciding on the right hearth from your home isn’t easy, it requires understanding the design considerations of the room. For instance, choosing a hearthstone size or shape that is too big can cause issues with your overall room design. The architectural compatibility of your home is another crucial factor to take into consideration, as some hearth designs may not be suitable for certain aged homes.

Ensuring safety: navigating hearth regulations

Like most factors relating to heating in properties, there are hearth regulations that need to be followed to ensure safety within your home. First and foremost, it is crucial to hire professionals to install your fireplace hearth, in doing so, they can ensure your hearthstone has been installed according to safety standards and better yet, that it is structurally sound. It is important to adhere to the recommended clearances from walls to floors and to always use fire-resistant materials around the hearth to prevent a risk of fire.

Affordable elegance: hearth options for every budget

At Impala Stone, we know that creating the right aesthetic within your home can come at a cost. The selection of materials available for your fireplace hearth can vary in cost, however, there will always be something to suit your budget without compromising on style or quality. Cost can vary due to a range of reasons, including choice of material, size of the hearthstone being installed, the overall design of the fireplace and then the installation charges. However, it’s important to note that although the initial cost may be expensive, installing a new hearth of good quality can add value to your property and will typically last a significant amount of time.

Seamless installation: tips for hearth placement

For seamless installation, finding the right hearth aesthetic for your home is key to getting it right. Remember there are many elements to take into consideration, finding the correct size and architectural compatibility for your home, as well as finding the right hearthstone shape to match your interior décor.

Preserving elegance: hearth maintenance practices

To make this beautiful addition to your home stand the test of time, there is going to be a little bit of maintenance that is crucial to the longevity of your fireplace hearth. Make sure your hearthstone is regularly cleaned to remove any ash or leftover materials that could obstruct your next fire. Chimney maintenance is another element to take into consideration when maintaining your hearth. Burning different fuels such as wood can release soot and creosote which can build up in your chimney and over time can pose a fire hazard. Regular cleaning can avoid this and keep your chimney and fireplace hearth clean and ready for your next fire. Carbon monoxide and smoke alarms should be fitted as fires have a variety of risks, having an early warning sign can address any problems and help you to evacuate quickly should anything occur.

Your hearth, your sanctuary: wrapping up your guide to choosing the perfect fireplace hearth

The fireplace is the heart of any home and ensuring you have the right hearthstone to match your home’s aesthetic can help with creating a stand-out feature within your property. If you’re having trouble deciding on the perfect fireplace hearth for your home, don’t stress, we can help you here at Impala Stone. With a range of different materials and styles to choose from, you’ll have the hearth of your dreams. To contact us give us a call 01332824200 or email us at and our team of friendly experts will find the perfect fireplace hearth for you.