Quartz worktop bathroom

20 October 2023

7 Tips for Choosing Worktops for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

So, you’ve decided to bite the bullet and completely renovate your kitchen or bathroom.

There are a few things to consider before you select the stone surface material, colour and finish that will complete the look of your new spa-like bathroom or space to host your cocktail parties at the weekend. How many people will you see using your kitchen or bathroom? Do you love to entertain and have large groups hanging out and eating in your kitchen? Do you have a busy young family? Would you prefer something lower maintenance or are you house proud and wanting a room you can show off to all? These types of questions and their answers will help you select the right worktop installation for your new kitchen or bathroom renovation and we’ll look at some tips for making the right decision here.

1. Budget

Not many people can say money is no object, so it’s important that whatever material you choose for your worktop meets both your chosen aesthetic and your budget. While considering budget, you also need to consider the ongoing costs of the worktop as well – for example, wooden kitchen worktops are cheaper to buy and install, but they require a huge amount of upkeep and maintenance, and while laminate worktops are cheap in the initial outlay, they will need replacing much more quickly than a solid stone countertop as they tend to look worn out much earlier. Natural stone materials typically cost more at the outset, but they are far more durable and maintain their looks for far longer than some cheaper materials. It’s vital to weigh up the initial cost against the ongoing or replacement cost in the longer term as well – so get the sums done first!

2. Use and durability

The amount of use that your worktops are going to get will need to be carefully considered, as having to repeatedly replace your worktops will become very expensive overall. You need to think about the amount of traffic your worktops will see if you have a busy family or love to entertain regularly. If this is you, then a hardwearing stone product such as quartz, granite, sintered stone or even metal will be able to stand up to the wear and tear. If your bathroom is more of a showpiece that is occasionally used by visitors, then you might want to select the elegance and timeless style of marble. Marble worksurfaces are more porous and need higher levels of maintenance and care than other more durable stone surfaces, so in a busy kitchen, marble is not likely to be the best material to select.

3. Maintenance

The durability, mentioned above, will also feed into the amount of maintenance you’ll need to do in order to preserve your worktop investment and keep them looking stunning and practical. Should you prefer to spend less time maintaining and cleaning your worktops, you should definitely consider granite, quartz and sintered stone worktops as they need less maintenance and are incredibly durable and scratch resistant. The slightly higher price you pay to install them in the first place eventually pays for itself as they need less time, money and effort spent on them over the course of their lifespan. Marble, slate and wooden worktops will need a much higher level of maintenance and regular resealing to prevent moisture damage and staining and to keep them hygienic – a premium in every kitchen and bathroom.

4. Style

The aesthetic of your kitchen and bathroom will impact the type of material you select for your worktops. If you’re selecting a more traditional décor for your kitchen, then a wooden worktop with a Belfast sink will fit the style you’re looking for. However, a more modern design or even a mixed style will suit quartz, sintered stone or granite as they give a sleek and finished look that shouts uber sophistication. A highly glossy finish will be frustrating in a home where little sticky handprints continually need wiping away, whereas a more matte and less polished finish will help to hide marks and fingerprints more subtly.

5. Colour

Another style preference for your kitchen or bathroom worktops is the choice of colour – which is a factor to consider carefully. If you’re looking to create a sleek, modern vibe for a kitchen to entertain in, then a polished, black quartz worktop will give the air of luxury and sophistication and with the right lighting an intimate social feel. For a smaller kitchen or bathroom, a lighter-coloured worktop or vanity unit will reflect natural light and help create the impression of space.  Any pre-existing colours in the room, for example on the flooring or kitchen cabinetry, will also influence the colour of the worktops you want to choose from. If selecting colours is something you find daunting, why not discuss your project with an experienced member of our team at Impala Stone who can advise you? You can also select samples to test the colour within the space you’re renovating at home.

6. Installation

The installation of your selected worktop material will also impact the lead time of your project overall and this could be a factor to consider within your renovation. Some materials can be installed by homeowners whereas others need a professional installation. A professional installation will give you peace of mind you’ll have a warranty or guarantee of the work and something to fall back on if anything goes wrong as well as ensuring the materials are properly fitted and moisture resistant.

7. Environmental impact

If you’re a person who likes to consider the impact of the environment and choose options that are more sustainable, the good news is many of the materials commonly used for kitchen and bathroom worktops are sustainably produced and can be recycled when they’re old and need replacing. Some stone worktops are even created using recycled materials – such as quartz and sintered stone, so choosing those for your kitchen will mean you’re doing your bit for the environment and your carbon footprint.


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