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Throughout all of our materials we have different finishes available depending on material, brand and your choice of colour. Natural materials such as Granites offer the following finishes; polished, honed, leathered, vintage, caressed, flamed & brushed. Quartz brands offer; polished, suede, volcano, glace, concrete and many more depending on each brand and the colour choices. Please speak to a member of our team to discuss your chosen material & the finish options available.

  • Lapitec Fossil FinishLapitec Fossil Finish
  • Black-Beauty-Sensa-CaresseBlack-Beauty-Sensa-Caresse
  • Black-Granite-LEATHERBlack-Granite-LEATHER
  • Black-Granite-POLISHEDBlack-Granite-POLISHED
  • CARRARA-Galce-CompacCARRARA-Galce-Compac
  • Cosmic-Black-LEATHERCosmic-Black-LEATHER
  • Indian-Black-Sensa-POLISHEDIndian-Black-Sensa-POLISHED
  • Korus-Smooth-Mate-DektonKorus-Smooth-Mate-Dekton
  • Slate-RIVENSlate-RIVEN
  • Tudra-Polished-DektonTudra-Polished-Dekton
  • compac-ice-concret-compaccompac-ice-concret-compac
  • compac-plomocompac-plomo
  • Silestone Polished FinishSilestone Polished Finish
  • Silestone Suede FinishSilestone Suede Finish
  • Silestone Volcano FinishSilestone Volcano Finish