Everlasting class and versatility

A trend-defining choice, with everlasting versatility, white surfaces are popular in any classic or modern home. White worktops are a clean addition to your home. They ensemble a crisp interior whatever the texture or finish.

From glossy sleeks to textured mattes, Impala Stone stocks a gorgeous variety of stunning white stone worktops for your kitchen.

Whether you’re looking for a new white quartz worktop or a white gloss kitchen worktop, Impala Stone has a stunning range of classy white shades, completely tailored to your interior space. White worktops add a classic, clean, sharp look to your home.

White worktops are perfect for keeping your space clean and bacteria-free, instantly highlighting any spillages.

Despite its neutral colouring, our white surfaces are easily wipeable with a simple detergent and water solution.

Kitchen worktop quartz design

Still can’t decide?

Come and take a look! Impala Stone has got a whole showroom dedicated to showing off our gorgeous granite, quartz and sintered stones collection. We’ve got a team of helpful qualified staff on hand to give you quality advice, pricing and installation options.

Benefits of using a white worktop

  • Classic look

    White surfaces add a timeless quality that can be added to any antique or modern home

  • Versatile

    Completely versatile neutral colour, which can be toned up or down with splashes of colour or layers of textured furnishings

  • Reflects natural light

    Bounce natural vitamin D into your family space, with reflective qualities that brighten up any kitchen

  • Shows stains

    Highlights even the smallest of spillages, so you can get on top of sticky spillages before they harden

  • Easy to clean

    Flagging up imperfections enables thorough and timely cleaning. Maintenance is easy with any white worktop

Unique characteristics in every white worktop

Impala Stone has a wide range of white worktops available. Ranging from grainy textures to smooth glosses, across a whole multitude of materials and brands – we really have got something for everyone.

Not every white stone is the same depending on what material it is. Granite is different every time as it’s a natural material – giving a completely unique look. Quartz is a man-made material, so this will be the same every time. Choose your material and look to suit your needs and aesthetic.

Brands, materials and textures add personality and depth to your white surface – the hardest part is choosing the right one.

Luckily, Impala Stone has a great team of knowledgeable professionals on hand to perfect your white worktop. No matter your requirements, your dimensions, or your space – we have the perfect white surface for you.

Brands, materials and finishes

Glosses will reflect the light from outside and draw in golden sunset rays or the light of a bright sunny morning. Brighten up your kitchen without flicking a switch.

Whatever your aesthetic, white worktops are malleable.

Even in the cold winter months, white surfaces offer a bright contrast to sharpen up any kitchen.

Natural light reflection for a brighter home

To draw natural light into your home, opt for our white countertops. White countertops reflect lights whether it’s natural daylight or evening bulbs. Always keep your kitchen consistently bright with our white countertops.

Easy maintenance, easy life

White worktops are a staple for any clean household. Flagging up any imperfections, white is the perfect foundation for any sterile and clean environment. White is a perfect colour choice for hygienic cooking and easy cleaning.

Choose Impala Stone for your white kitchen countertop

With so many customisable options, it’s hard to know what to pick. Luckily, Impala Stone has a keen eye for a good fit. We’ll help you hand-pick your white countertop with the correct texture or finish, so you can outfit your new decor in style.

Browse our gorgeous range of white surfaces in our showroom. We stock a wide selection of choices, so you can select your new kitchen surface with complete confidence.

We also offer top-quality advice, so you can know everything about your purchase before it’s installed, so you know what to expect.

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