Other colour surfaces for a unique look

You may want to express your personality and style through a more colourful choice of stone worktop than neutral tones can provide, and perhaps not as striking as black. Why not check out our range of alternative colours available, from natural greens for a peaceful vibe through blues of a bright, fresh hue to warmer reds, browns and even pinks? Here at Impala Stone, we have a range of options to suit your project exactly.

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Come and take a look! Impala Stone has got a whole showroom dedicated to showing off our gorgeous granite and sintered stones collection. We’ve got a team of helpful qualified staff on hand to give you quality advice, pricing and installation options.

See our full section of other colours that are available to complete your project, from greens and blues to warmer reds, browns and pinks – we have the spectrum covered.


With our coloured stone worktop selection, you can create a feature to match or complement your kitchen or bathroom décor and units, giving a stunning finished article.

Durable quality

The stone worktops of our other coloured selections are durable and high-quality, so they are guaranteed to last, looking stunning for years to come.


Create a contrast of colour and appearance with our coloured stone worktops. Able to provide a striking complement of colours for a stunning final look, choose from our range here for your unique project.

Benefits of other coloured tiles

Other coloured worktops can be the pop of colour that brings your room to life in a way that more muted colours cannot.

  • Aesthetics

    Using coloured stone worktops not only personalises the space but can break the monotony of neutral tones creating a vibrant focal point as well as the mood of the room, as using colours has various psychological effects – such as blues evoking calmness, for example.

  • Design versatility

    The choices of different stone worktop colours can be used to mark off different zones or spaces or be used to create smooth transitions between rooms and spaces with a cohesive design language.

  • Practicality

    Coloured worktops can be used as guide markers – pointing the way to a specific area of the room – and they are also able to help camouflage minor stains, spots or splashes in high-use areas better than black or white will.

  • Space perception

    The careful choice of colour can impact hugely on the perception of the space. Lighter colours can make a smaller room feel bigger, whereas darker colours can create a cosier and more intimate feel.

Create a unique kitchen or bathroom feature with our choice of other coloured stone worktops

Using coloured stone worktops can be a game-changer in creating distinctive and memorable features in kitchens or bathrooms – or any other room in your home or outdoor garden space.

Instead of opting for neutral-coloured stone worktops in the kitchen or bathroom, a splash of colour can create a standout feature, and the colour selected can also invoke a mood for the room – for example, a turquoise or deep blue can evoke coastal vibes whereas warmer colours can introduce a rustic feel.

Coloured kitchen or bathroom worktops introduce a luxury, depth and unique aesthetic which is more unusual than more neutral or muted colours. A bold-coloured stone worktop can become the focal point for the room, creating a centrepiece that the rest of the room is built around.

Using our coloured stone worktops will create greater possibilities for layering additional textures and features, such as wooden cabinetry or metal fixtures that create layered depth and added interest that isn’t possible with more mainstream colour palettes.

Durable and easy to maintain

Natural stone kitchen and bathroom worktops of any colour make an excellent material as they are durable, scratch and stain-resistant and easy to maintain with the advised cleaning agents and a soft microfibre cloth – looking stunning for years to come. Coloured stone worktops will be more forgiving for covering any spillages or stains, but swift wiping up will ensure that your new stone worktops have decades of longevity.

Choose Impala Stone for your coloured stone products

Impala Stone stocks a range of quality coloured stone worktops to suit every bold plan and aesthetic for your home, and with your choice of finish, from polished to textured, you will be able to finish your décor with pizzazz. With so many amazing options to pick from, it can be difficult to choose, but fortunately, our expert team at Impala are great at helping customers with their decision making and have a great eye for what will look best. Visit our showroom to see examples in the flesh, pick up some samples and chat with an experienced member of our team.

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