Invite natural warmth into your home with neutral countertops

With golden sandy neutrals to caramel warms, Impala Stone has some gorgeous neutral countertops in stock. Neutrals are a beautiful addition to any home, adding a soft touch of warmth to your homely space. Our gorgeous selection of neutral countertops is versatile enough to blend with both subtle and flamboyant tones, acting as an interior staple whatever your aesthetic.

Still can’t decide?

Come and take a look! Impala Stone has got a whole showroom dedicated to showing off our gorgeous granite and sintered stones collection. We’ve got a team of helpful qualified staff on hand to give you quality advice, pricing and installation options.

Browse through our stunning collection of neutral stones. Our stone surfaces collection can be cut to any dimension and shape, and textured or polished to your exact preference. With Impala Stone, the choices are endless.

Natural warmth
Invite a calming warmth into your home with nature’s colour palette.

Neutral and balanced, our soft natural tones are versatile enough to pair with all kinds of styles and colours.

Enhances natural light
Reflect natural rays of light organically to illuminate your interior with neutral shades.

Benefits of using neutrals

There are many benefits to using neutral-coloured materials, from functionality to style.

  • Easy maintenance

    Our neutral countertops are easy to maintain. We have a wide range of textured and polished options available, which retain colour and style whatever the finish.

  • Maintains cleanliness

    Brighter neutral colouring will highlight any spillages quickly. Get rid of any dirt, crumbs or liquids easily before they harden.

  • Practical and strong

    With enhanced durability, our neutral stone countertops are cut from nature’s strongest materials, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best quality stone for your home.

  • Range of choice

    Impala Stone has a broad range of neutral colours available to choose from, all the way from coffee caramels to soft toffee tones.

Luxury neutral stoneware brands at affordable prices

Impala Stone has a broad range of gorgeous brands and finishes available. We are suppliers of the best stone surface brands on the market. Each branded collection stocks neutral tones, so you’re guaranteed quality as well as your premium colour choice.

At Impala Stone, we source and supply quality branded stone surfaces at affordable and reasonable prices, so that you can enjoy the new colours of your home without worrying about durability, quality or cost.

From granite to Dekton and quartz, we’ve got a beautiful range of neutral and natural stone brands in stock. Available in a whole range of polished and textured surfaces, you won’t struggle for a wide selection of choices.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Easily clean and maintain your surface with a bright and soft colour palette. These softer colours flag up your spillages or darker colours on your surfaces, so you can easily wipe away impurities before they become more difficult to remove.

Our neutral materials are all durable and strong, made from nature’s strongest stones. Incorporate natural rock into your home and strengthen your interior space with some of the most durable stones created, so that your surface lasts the test of time.

Choose Impala Stone for your neutral stone

Impala Stone is your go-to stonemasonry expert. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve got the perfect solutions for your interior and exterior stoneware outfits. Whatever your style, taste or dimensions – we can tailor stone outfits to suit you and your home.

We’ll also deliver your new stone surface and securely install it into your home, at your convenience.

We have a friendly team of experts on hand to provide you with all you need to know about your new neutral countertop. Pop into our showroom to explore our stunning range of neutral stones, or chat with one of our helpful team members.

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