Grey Countertops

Classy grey worktops for any space

Grey offers sleekness and sophistication to any home. Our grey countertops are available in a whole spectrum of greys ranging from matte lead slates and shiny galactic silvers to ashy volcanics. Whatever your style, dimension, taste or tone – Impala Stone stocks an endless range of choices tailored to your home.

Still can’t decide?

Come and take a look! Impala Stone has got a whole showroom dedicated to showing off our gorgeous granite and sintered stones collection. We’ve got a team of helpful qualified staff on hand to give you quality advice, pricing and installation options.

Explore our beautiful selection of grey countertops, ranging from neutral soft grey shades all the way to statement granites.

Stylistic flexibility
Our broad range of grey countertops is available in a range of different brands, textures and finishes to suit your look.
Natural durability
All of our materials are made of naturally inspired processes, to ensure your grey countertop provides everlasting strength and sturdiness.
Secure installation
Impala Stone securely fits and installs your new grey countertop professionally and securely, to make sure your new natural stone product lasts the test of time.

Benefits of using grey

Grey is a versatile and mouldable choice for any home. With Impala Stone’s durable and natural grey stone collection, you can outfit your interior with beautiful and durable shades to suit your home.

  • Classy and reliable

    Inject timeless elegance into your interior, with a neutral colour that never goes out of fashion.

  • Coordination

    Dress it up or dress it down. Grey coordinates with a whole range of colours and shades, making it a versatile and popular choice for many homes.

  • Character

    Grey adds character and soft shadow to your space, making it a perfect choice for any interior outfit.

  • Practical

    Clearly highlights any spillages in your home, making it easy to maintain and a perfect option for your new stone surface.

Sophisticated and classic grey stone for any home

From marble, granite and sophisticated quartz Impala Stone has a well-stocked selection of grey stone materials with flexible properties depending on your needs.

Whatever your stylistic choices, we have a broad range of options for your interior outfit. Choose from sleek shiny greys to matted minimals to either add shine or shadow to your home.

We supply the highest quality stone surface brands on the market. So when it comes to durability, we provide the best materials for your home at affordable prices. We specially handpick our slabs, to ensure each piece matches our standards of quality.

No matter the finish or texture, our grey worktops are designed to retain sterility and style in your home. We specially treat our worktops with quality antibacterial agents, to equip your new stoneware with sterile properties that retain colour and hygiene. For most of our stone surface products, all it takes is a simple wipe clean.

Choose Impala Stone for your new grey worktop

To explore our gorgeous grey palettes, come and have a look at our collections in-store. Our showroom boasts some of the best quality grey stone worktops on the market, promising high quality and style.

With so many customisable options, it’s hard to know what you want. Luckily, Impala Stone has a keen eye for a good fit. We’ll help you hand-pick your grey countertop with the correct texture or finish, so you can outfit your new décor in style.

We also offer top-quality advice, drawing from years of professionalism and expertise. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about your stone surface product worktop before it’s installed.

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