Caesarstone Quartz Worktop

Why choose Caesarstone ?

Quartz is one of the most stunning natural resources to exist. That’s why Caesarstone’s 90% quartz surfaces have gained so much popularity in the stoneware industry. With a smooth outer surface, durable structure and soft aesthetic – it’s no wonder Caesarstone’s products are globally renowned as one of the best.

Caesarstone easily withstands stains, scrapes, dents and scratches. A beautiful blend of durable functionality and aesthetic, Caesarstone is a popular choice for a wide range of residential and commercial sectors.

Whatever your requirements or aesthetic, Caesarstone surfaces can easily be cut to suit your requirements. Impala Stone customers are also assured of high quality with an impressive lifetime residential warranty on Caesarstone. We offer full installation on your Caesarstone product wherever you are in the UK. So, you can expect luxury quality material delivered straight to your doorstep.

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Come and take a look! Impala Stone has got a whole showroom dedicated to showing off our gorgeous quartz collection. We’ve got a team of helpful qualified staff on hand to give you quality advice, pricing and installation options.

Caesarstone countertops are functional and aesthetic

Caesarstone is a leading quartz manufacturer. With careful attention to detail, they’ve been expertly creating 90% natural quartz surfaces for over 30 years. Each product is a natural blend of raw materials that are thoroughly checked to perfection before any manufacturing process. That’s what makes it incredibly hard-wearing and excellently durable.

Caesarstone has a stylistic versatility that makes it suitable for all kinds of interiors. Choose from a beautiful range of colours and textures, ranging from dappled ashy greys to sophisticated mattes.

It’s easy to maintain with a simple wipe clean, perfect for any and all interiors – whatever the demand.

Caesarstone’s quartz collections are incredibly versatile and can fit a range of interior outfits. From curved edges to straight surfaces, Caesarstone is specially cut to your requirements. It’s a reliable and malleable choice for any interior outfit, ranging from:

  • Kitchen worktops
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Wall Cladding
  • Other interior surfaces

Caesarstone slabs are available in 304 x 144cm and 324 x 164cm.

Impala Stone are award-winning experts in professional stone surface fabrication, offering dimensional advice and full installation on your Caesarstone product.

At Impala Stone, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, efficiency and friendly nature. We give you high-quality products with outstanding service.

Our Caesarstone Countertops are available in Staffordshire, Nottingham, Derby, Stoke on Trent, Ashbourne, Buxton, Derbyshire, Leicester, Mansfield and Sutton Coldfield, plus many more locations across the UK.

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