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Modular kitchen is a step towards the traditional kitchen. It makes everyday tasks for the kitchen a lot easier because of its functionality and durability. Focusing on more on utility value, convenience and space utilisation.

With a modular kitchen you don’t need to think about the space you have it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a large space of small. It simply suits each and every size of the kitchen. According to the needs, there is a lot of features.

It can be ready-made or pre-made cabinets this just means that your kitchen is made up with several modules or units. They’re just reassembled appropriately to the space, needs and usage of the user. Therefore this means if there is any damage, it's only that unit that will need to be repaired or replaced.

The modular kitchen cabinets come in various shapes, style and size. It all depends on the requirements of the customer. They are easily fit in with your chimneys, shutter systems, baskets, oven and corner units.
Here are some options that modular kitchen units are available for a different arrangement of counters:
• One-sided corridor
• L shape
• U shape
• Two opposite sided

Modular kitchen units or modules are as follows:

Wall Units

Wall units, there are held on the wall giving of storage purposes.

Floor units

These are just kept on the floor and on the floor. Also, on the top of it which the kitchen worktop is laid.

Tall Storage Units or Larder Unit:

The tall storage unit is used for the practical storage of food. Modular kitchens are made up of carousels, trays, built in oven, countertops, internal accessories, pole system, pull out baskets and sometimes gadgets like refrigerator and dishwasher.

The making of the modular kitchen happen in a factory by a team of installers, engineers and designers to have a complete idea of the kitchen. A massive part of the manufacturing of it takes place off-site where the company themselves make some of the components for the kitchen.

The designing process is already done in the first stage of the processing. The installation of the fabricated kits doesn’t use up a lot of time it a few hours, maximum a daytime.

How fast the installation of the kitchen is completely dependent on the size and the level of skills the installer has.

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