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The home kitchen is much more than that for most; it is the heart of the home and as it’s such a prominent place in the home it can say a lot about you and your personality and of course not everyone is the same, this is why people prefer different styles of kitchens. 

Below are a few styles of kitchen design and what could imply about your personality.

Modern style

Smooth finishes, clean lines, occasional flashes of bright colour and natural materials are the common features found in modern kitchen. Light cabinets and dark floors form a simple and fresh look which also has great functionality.

The owners of a modern kitchen aren’t trendy, but are retro and will generally go for practicality more than style.

Traditional Style

Rural French countryside and images of country cottages come to mind when thinking of a tradition kitchen. The kitchen will have a homely and rustic feel with the use of rich granite worktops and oak cabinets combined with natural wooden floors.

The owner of this kitchen goes for classic, timeless design but would never be flashy; they would only ever pride themselves on their appearance.

Transitional Style

Blending the new with old and creating a fresh, clean and calming space is what makes up a transitional kitchen, cabinets and tone-on-tone worktops combined with bright appliances and elegant tile accents.

Owners of these style of kitchens are laid back, chilled out and also have playful side.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary kitchens ooze sophistication, with marble flooring, granite worktops, stainless steel appliances and dark sleek cabinets. Clean lines and flashy metallic finishes combine with tone-on-tone colouring.


Contemporary kitchens belong to stylish and chic individuals who love making a bold statement.


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