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When planning a kitchen one of the ultimate questions is going to be, what type of worktop should I go for?

Your chosen colour and finish will undoubtedly have an impact on the room and will more than likely have a knock on effect on what flooring, sink, cabinets and tiles you will opt to go with it.

Of course it not only down to the looks and style of the worktop, choosing the right surface will also depend on what you will mainly be using your kitchen for, practicality and how much you maintenance and cleaning it might require. 

Here is a selection of the main worktop options to give you a starting point.

Solid surface – Good for durability and cleanliness

While not the cheapest option of worktop, a man-made solid surface worktop made form a material, such as Corian can be a very tough work surface. The flexibility of the material means that there is no need to worry about any unsightly joins. 

Solid surface worktops are available in a variety of colours, wont stain easily or crack, are extremely waterproof and is ideal for preparing food due to it being ultra-hygienic and easy to clean.

Stainless Steel – For the avid cook

Fancy yourself as a bit of a household chef, then stainless steel might just be the way to go. This material is hygienic, tough and looks professional while still having a touch of industrial chic to it. Popular with chefs as it is very easy to keep clean and you are able to place hot pans directly on to its surface.

However if you looking for a surface that will stay pristine, stainless steel does have a tendency to become scratched and even dented over time.  Even so though, many people actually think that this adds a touch of character and personality to the surface over time.

Granite – Beautiful, unique and long lasting

Though this is not the cheapest of materials, every piece of natural granite is unique, comes in a vast amount of types and colours and will last a lifetime. It is a very heat resistant material and easy to clean but because of the weight of the material you will need to make it is well supported and if damage was to occur it is not the easiest thing to get repaired. 

Also bear in mind that granite will need to be maintained and treated with a sealer every couple of years.

Marble – Indulge yourself

Now in reality, no one actually needs to get a marble worktop; there are lots of tough alternatives out there. However there is nothing quite as elegant as marble as a worktop material. Each piece will be unique, it will be easy to clean and is cool to the touch which makes it ideal for rolling out pastry.

It does, however scratch and is very susceptible to acidic substances such as lemon juice or vinegar and dark substances such as red wine or red sauces can stain the surface is not cleaned up rapidly. 

Quarts – very practical

A man-made quarts worktop, offers all the benefits of natural stone, its hard, its durable but it also has a contemporary and clean look to it. A quarts worktop will be comprised of quartz and resin and is very stain resistant and is also antibacterial.

This type of stone, comes in a lot of different colours so there is a lot of choice in that department, and though it can be a little pricey it does not look the same as other natural stones.


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