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Falls just around the corner and as summer starts to fade now’s the time to start thinking about making a few changes to the home, here are a few predictions of what trends you will see coming and going this fall.

What’s going?

White out

Have you been longing for more colour in your life, then you’re sure to be happy. Interiors are going to be moving away from all white and starting to embrace warm, rich colours such as blacks and greens.

Copper Accessories

Now we’re not talking about the real copper fixtures you might have around the home, were talking about those blatant fake accents that have been saturating the market recently, rather people will be trending towards classic aged brass.

What’s in?

Dark Greens

The greenery of the foliage outside might be going dull but not in the home, the home is going green especially for the cabinets in the kitchen. When combined with natural wood or leather it fits perfectly to give a cosy feel for the autumn to winter months

Tech-free areas

Ever felt overwhelmed by all of the technology in our lives? Then this one’s for you. People are starting to dedicate a room in their home to essentially be ‘tech free sanctuaries’.

Staying outdoors

Even though it will be getting colder, people are starting to enjoy the outdoors more and more and don’t want the weather to halt their activities. This is why their investing in deep seated patio areas and even finishing them off with a fire pit or outdoor burner to keep the chill away.


As mentioned above coppers on the way out, and brass is on the way in. Incorporating it overtly in to furniture is a great way to go.

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