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There was once a time the kitchen would only be used to prepare, cook and wash up after meals, it was never a family gathering space or an entertainment area. Well now ere in 2018 that’s all changed the kitchen is now one of the most focused upon areas of the home be it for dinner parties/just parties, cooking with the family, catching up with friends or just somewhere to relax.

As you can see the humble kitchen has changed a fair bit over the years and if planning a remodel it is important to think about it. Advances in technology and changes in social dynamics have greatly contributed the climb of the modern kitchen.

Get Smart

Kitchen gadgets have vastly increased but there not the only bits of tech you can now have in the kitchen. Today’s kitchens can be fitted with all sorts of integrated technology and this is what would be referred to as a smart kitchen. This is an evolving area of design and a lot of new builds are incorporating smart kitchens as standard.

In the case of older kitchens they can be upgraded to a smart kitchen with the likes of sensors, smart gadgets and other devices. These smart kitchens are fast becoming the most popular option for homeowners as they are starting to experiment with novel technologies and is definitely one of the biggest trends heading in to 2018.

Colour Palette

White will always be a favourite when it comes to kitchens, cabinets in white are beautiful, clean and timeless being able to be used in almost any type of kitchen. Its popularity is not expected t go anywhere. Whilst that being said expect to see islands coming in a variety of paint colours and wood finished to break up all the white.

Now while white and grey continue to be a staple of the kitchen colour pallet, there is another colour palette slowly making its way on to the scene and that’s dark jewel tones. Colours like black, navy, emerald green and plum. It might surprise you how well these colours work on your cabinets, dramatically enhancing your kitchen with a luxurious feel.


When it comes to high end kitchens, quartz is still top choice. Being a particular hard wearing material it can basically last forever, is easy to maintain and is naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria. Its only competitor in the high end market is granite though this requires a little bit more maintenance.

While on the subject of countertops, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of composite sinks. These sinks are made out of the same materials as the surrounding worktop, creating a consistent look and feel to the kitchen while making cleaning and maintaining that bit easier.

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