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We at Impala Stone create beautiful work surfaces for our customers to fit in their bathrooms and kitchens. All of that great work can be undone by not keeping your room as clean as possible. In this post we tackle how to take the pain away from keeping your bathroom spick and span.

Move everything out of the room before you begin

If you can move it, get it out of the room before you start. Pedal bins, storage, candles and other bits may seem harmless but they will almost certainly trap dust and hair whenever they stay in the same place for too long. This include toiletries lying on the side of the bath or in shower trays. Make sure they are clean when you re-position them otherwise you aren’t cleaning you’re just moving dust around.

Try natural cleansers on your floors and surfaces

With natural stone products the best advice we can give in keeping your surfaces and floors looking their best is to treat them gently. Try to keep them clean and dry as much as possible and use gentle, natural cleansers. Harsh chemicals react differently on different surfaces. Always spot test any new products on an area that isn’t obvious to check its suitability. Try to dry up any spillages or water splashes as soon as you can to prevent discolouration or damage.

Wipe all surfaces daily

Cleaning up spillages as they happen is helpful but wiping down bathroom surfaces such as sinks on a daily basis will stop dust, dirt and soap scum from accumulating which will in turn make it easier to do a deeper clean.

Don’t forget the hidden areas

Much of the inner workings of your bathroom are hidden in boxes, under baths and behind plaster board but do ensure that the areas which are hard to reach are cleaned to the best of your ability. These areas, behind the toilet for example, are perfect for harbouring dust, hair and other grime which will build up over time. Don’t forget your shower tracks or the seals under screen doors. We also advocate for disinfecting your drains on a frequent basis to keep them fresh. Do be careful not to spill harsh chemicals on your stone surfaces as this can do more harm than good. A kettle of boiling water down the drain is usually enough to flush hair and soap residue away.

Treat limescale carefully

Depending on the hardness of the water in your area, you may find limescale starts to build up around your taps, plug holes and shower heads. This can be removed by using vinegar or even lemon juice on the offending item.

Please note that you should add a plastic bag of solution to the tap or shower head and ensure you do not spill your solution on your stone finish but do take care to not spill on any stoneware. The same chemicals which remove limescale could also damage your surfaces so ensure any spillages are flushed with plenty of water and dried up quickly.

We hope this helps you to keep your bathroom gleaming like almost new. Don’t forget to keep the dust at bay, and ensure your surfaces are kept clean and dry as much as possible to keep them looking like new. If you’re looking for new surfaces, browse our range of beautifully crafted stone or contact us for advice.