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Marble is a hard-crystalline metamorphic form of limestone. It's normally white with streaks or coloured mottling’s. 


Marble comes at many different price points to adapt to budgets, marble is widely accessible. Stone and marble are sensitive in price because of the global markets. It depends on how much demand there is. Some highly prized marble is Thassos and Calacatta Oro because of high demand. However, on the other hand, Carrara marble is more common and is lower prices.

Marble is formed from limestone it’s a porous rock. The porosity makes it a rubbish conductor of heat, this gives it one of its big strength, its ability to keep cool. This makes it good for if it was in a shop where you worked with pastry A marble surface will normally be four degrees lower than room temperature.

Marble is known as the most accessible stones that’s used for work surfaces in kitchens. Also, it's known because it's beautiful as well as accessible. Marble can be striking without coming across glaring.



Some marble can also be really expensive, this is typically the most striking marbles. Some examples of highly priced marbles are Thassos and Calacatta.

Marble that has open pores make it prone to getting stains. Unfortunately, there is nothing available that can prevent this but there is something called Lithofin this will render it water resistant and the surface oil, it will help slow down how fast liquids like red wine can get into to the surfaces. If you spill acidic liquids onto the surfaces you need to wipe them off the surface immediately because it will attack the surface of marble.

Protecting the marble:
Marble kitchen surfaces should be wiped immediately if anything is spilled onto them because there’s no product which we know of that help seals marble completely.

Unfortunately, marble is much softer than granite and it will wear and scratch. It will wear around the sink and the edge will probably become less coloured because of stuff rubbing onto it when using the sink. This will cause discolouration and scratches. Many people will look past this because of the true beauty.

Here at Impala stone we stock and advise on all worktops. For further information please call us on 01332 824200 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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