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For several years now, the kitchen hasn't been a kitchen; it's turned into our kitchen, living room, workstation, and entertainment centre. We live in an age where it is more essential than ever to get the most out of your room.

So it's essential to remember what design will function best for your lifestyle when developing your kitchen, cue the open-plan vs. organised kitchen debate.

With both kitchen styles still proving popular, whatever you decide you're in no risk of heading off the path. It's time to consider some important factors with the layout at the heart of every practical kitchen.

Plan for an open plan kitchen

An open plan kitchen is a fantastic way to get everyone together, whether it's your family, a night out with your spouse or a friendly lunch party.

If you have an energy-filled home with kids, an open plan kitchen will make life easier when it comes to keeping kids busy while you're cooking. However, this works both directions; it's a lot harder to manoeuvre a children free zone when you're looking forward to a night in with your spouse or buddies.

Go structured

You have many advantages with organised room and compartmentalised spaces. Having designated areas gives a certain purpose to your home structure and each room – perfect if you want to separate relaxation from bringing the office home with a glass of wine.

Both styles are similarly true, so considering your lifestyle and thoroughly choosing when building your house is essential.