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Because of damage caused as a result of everyday wear and tear, natural stone can easily start to lose its appealing qualities. It is an absorbent material and has mineral compositions that can react to conventional cleaners in strange ways, so choosing the right cleaning products is essential for properly maintaining your natural stone surfaces.

Yes your beautiful natural stone surfaces are meant to be used not just looked at but because they can be easily scratched and stained you will want to take the best measures to keep them protected the best you can.

For floors you will want to use carpet runners and mats at entrances and in areas of heavy traffic, for countertops make sure to use trivets or hot pads for hot pans or dishes etc and coasters for glasses and mugs to prevent stains and hot spots.

Treating a spillage

For stone surfaces it isn’t as simple as just wiping up the spill, this will only spread the spill and stain the surface. Instead you will need to blot the spill with paper towels followed by using a clean cloth to draw out more of the spill and finally finish off by cleaning with a mild soap and then rinsing the area fully.

General cleaning

Wipe your counters on a regular basis, do not let any liquid (especially coloured ones) sit or remain on the surface and never use acidic based chemical cleaners. To clean greasy residue you can use mild dish soap but always remember to rinse thoroughly with plain water.

There are cleaning products that are produced specifically for use on stone surfaces that are offered by many professional stone retailers and cleaning companies.

Sealing the surface

It is crucial to maintain the seal on natural stone surfaces for them to retain their beauty. If any difficult to remove substances or any accidental spills have occurred since the original sealing, re-sealing should help remove as much of the stain as it possibly can.

It is best practice to seal your stone surfaces every year or so, it can be a messy and involved process so it is recommended to have it done by a professional stone cleaning and sealing company.

In summary

Knowing what type of natural stone you have and taking the proper precautions for stains and any other damages means you will be able to enjoy your beautiful natural stone surfaces for years to come.


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