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Investing in a grand lighting scheme will give you the power to turn your run of the mill kitchen into a stunning one. Kitchens aren’t 1 dimensional anymore they are now used for more than just making the dinner, so your lighting plan must now consider other factors it can be used for such as relaxing or entertaining.

Well placed lighting can draw attention away from other unsightly areas you may not want people to initially notice, disguise awkward architecture and even make a small kitchen appear larger than it is.

Mood lighting

Start by taking notice of how much natural light your kitchen lets in by its self, take note of how many windows there are and which direction they are facing. If you have a multifunctional kitchen incorporating strong living elements, ambient illumination like dimmable wall lights or decorative systems like feature lights are definitely worth a consideration.

For areas that are more relaxing, give wall lights and washer a try for a subtle type of background illumination. Got high ceilings? Using uplighters on the top of your cabinets will increase the general light reducing the amount of downlights that you will need.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is going to be you’re brightest lighting and should be used to target the main working areas in your kitchen like worktops, cookers and the sink to provide ample lighting for the tasks at hand.

Using under cupboard spots installed directly above the sink, hob, chopping board etc will guarantee focused, bright task lighting. Do make sure they are fitted colder to the front edge of the cupboard rather than the back to maximise the amount of light that is available for illuminating the area.

Accent and feature lighting

Accent or feature lighting is another layer that be added to your light scheme, these light should be used to draw the eye to points of interest in the room.

Your accent lighting might consist of lighting in cupboards, niches or on shelving.


A run of LED lights placed under the rim of a worktop such as an island can make for an inviting place for people to get drawn to, particularly if there are bar stools as well. 

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