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Working from home can offer many advantages to your working day, such as preventing regular commuter delay, having more time with your relatives, and making your regular schedule more flexible. However, it can often be hard to avoid distractions and concentrate in a setting that you use for leisure and relaxing predominantly.

Even the lowest accessible rooms can be transformed into a successful working room with a few intelligent modifications. Making the most of unused spots, like your outdoor shed or under stairs, or that small box space that requires a clear out are all excellent areas to begin. Here are a few ideas to help you create this space:


If you have a big office, you can use the room better by enhancing the storage of the desk. This implies that you can access any significant documents easily while still being able to clean the office top when you need to focus.

Downsizing your office will imply that you have less room to build up excessive clutter and save precious ground space, particularly useful if you're working a lot on your computer and you don't need extra space.

You can also use multi-functional items for your office such as a chest of drawers, where you can place your laptop and some essential stationery on top. All you would have to do is pull up a chair and you will have a ready-made desk.

Office Lighting

Use smooth furniture, windows and light colours of paint to make the most of the natural environment accessible to the house – such as off white colours to maintain the room temperature and make it even more comfortable.

Install a bright overhead light with near darker spaces and use lamps or other concentrated light sources closer to the desk space itself.


Accessories give you the chance to put some of your favourite things on display. This allows you to create a relaxed space, limiting any clutter that has a habit of building up. Candles, pictures and pot plants add significantly to any room, as well as more functional pieces such as storage baskets, bookends and pen pots to keep smaller items together and are easily accessible when you need them.

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