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Its always hard to find a design that works for everyone, but with the right fixtures, fittings and finishes its achievable.

A family bathroom really needs to have all things for all people. Also not only does the bathroom need to be able to be equipped for you and your family, but it will also have to be equipped for guest and any new family members that may come along. You must think about making the most of what you have and if you can steal any space from elsewhere.

When you have to share one family bathroom with four or more will mean you will need a design that can cater for all. Get your bathroom design right just for you and your family and create a space that the kids enjoy but can also be transformed into a relaxing pace where you can go and relax after a hard day’s work.

A family bathroom is normally the largest bathroom and fittings and you should think about low militance and durability in mind. Designer Joanne Crane says “always use porcelain tiles in a family bathroom, including slip-resistant porcelain on the floors, as they are hard- wearing and will still look good in years to come.” She then went onto say that “they also require zero maintenance.” Also having plenty of storage space is a must.

Fit in a bath

If you have a busy family, and there’s room a bath really is a must, especially if you have smaller children within the family. Also, if you feel like this isn’t your forever home and you might want to sell it in the future not having a bath can put off buyers. Having a shower enclosure as well, if their space, would be a great addition for the morning when you don’t have time to sit and soak. If you don’t have space an over-bath shower is a great solution.

Keep it illuminated

Having good task lighting above the sink is a good idea for early mornings. For relaxing times, your time in the bath, a gentle light is good. Consider placing your lights on a dimmer switch so you can choose how bright you want it. Candles are great when you want a long, relaxing soak but just be careful where you out them.

Supply storage

Make sure your bathroom design has plenty of handy storage, make sure your children can reach them too. Placing baskets are brilliant for when you’re in a dash but need to clean your toiletries away. Having a basket for each family member will help keep things a lot tidier.

Supersize it

The family bathroom will get super busy at times and when several members are all gathered around the basin, so you should go bigger. The bigger the better. Look into a vanity topped with a large trough-like bowl. Make sure you have plenty of surface area on both sides so you can keep toiletries and toothbrushes. If you have room having double basins is a great solution for early morning rushes.

Fit in plenty of storage

Having a bathroom that is used by lots of people can get really messy. Having lots of storage space is a must. Don’t let bottles, brushes, bags clutter up the surfaces. Add in cupboard space under the sink, hanging cabinet mirrors and adding shelving where you can. If you have a smaller bathroom glass shelves will help make a sense of space and having freestanding slim furniture will make sure you can still see the floor, so the room doesn’t feel overcrowded.


Colour codes are good with towels so you know whose towel is who’s. Having a colour-coded ribbon system will make sure you can identify easily who’s towel it is.

We hope these family bathroom ideas help you share your bathroom in peace and harmony! If you have any questions, or want to talk to us about our bathroom options feel free to visit our contact us page.

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