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Kitchen islands have been a popular design choice for some years now. And for good reason, not only are they useful and practical, making for a more functional and effective kitchen they also add a pleasing aesthetic to the room.

By adding an island to your kitchen, you can create a useful and convenient space ideal for multiple uses.

Add a sink to your island

Having a sink installed in your island is the first thing to consider. If you do a lot of food preparation then an additional sink is ideal. You can use the main sink for heavy-duty washing and use the small sink to wash and rinse things like fruit and vegetables.

Add some storage to your island

Not too fused over an extra sink, not too worry this means you can concentrate on your storage needs instead. An island provides ample space for drawers, base cabinets or even shelving.

A kitchen island is a great place to gather

If not for any of the reasons above, a kitchen island is perfect if your kitchen like many ends up being the focal point of any gathering or party you host. Kitchen islands offer a great spot for people to congregate and converse, they also act as a great talking point if new.

Don’t forget about the countertop

It is essential to choose the right countertop to suit your needs.

For an all-around sturdy worktop that’s hygiene and suitable for prep work, then quartz is a great choice. It is non-porous so no need to worry about bacteria builds up.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a baker then maybe consider a marble countertop instead. These are perfect for rolling dough and getting messy with ingredients as they are very easy to clean.