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Samsung Radianz quartz available in various beautiful colours. 

To create a Samsung Radianz surface, advanced polymer resins and colour pigments are combined with 93% quartz, one of the hardest minerals in nature. With a vast range of colours, Samsung Radianz provides the ultimate combination of stunning design and low maintenance for any kitchen, bathroom or indoor commercial project.

Samsung Radianz Quartz offer a residential warrant of 15 years, for all of the information and to register your slab visit the website: http://www.staron.com/radianz/eng/tech/warranty.do 

Our Samsung Radianz Quartz Worktops are available in Staffordshire, Nottingham, Stoke on Trent, Ashbourne, Buxton, Derbyshire, Leicester, Mansfield and Sutton Coldfield, plus many more locations across the UK. 

Colours Available:

  • Adirondack Birch-AB144 (Samsung Radianz)Adirondack Birch-AB144 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Aleutian White-AW130 (Samsung Radianz)Aleutian White-AW130 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Alpine Umber-AE498 (Samsung Radianz)Alpine Umber-AE498 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Antigua Beach -AN230 (Samsung Radianz)Antigua Beach -AN230 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Bristol Beige-BB227 (Samsung Radianz)Bristol Beige-BB227 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Coastal-Bora Bora Beige-BO214 (Samsung Radianz)Coastal-Bora Bora Beige-BO214 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Coastal-Mykonos Beige-CK230(Samsung Radianz)Coastal-Mykonos Beige-CK230(Samsung Radianz)
  • Coastal-St. Helens White-SH145 (Samsung Radianz)Coastal-St. Helens White-SH145 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Columbia Gray-CG910 (Samsung Radianz)Columbia Gray-CG910 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Cyprus Orange-CO420-100dpi (Samsung Radianz)Cyprus Orange-CO420-100dpi (Samsung Radianz)
  • Diamond White-DW105-240dpi (Samsung Radianz)Diamond White-DW105-240dpi (Samsung Radianz)
  • Everest White-EW120 (Samsung Radianz)Everest White-EW120 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Gentle Gray-GG900-240dpi (Samsung Radianz)Gentle Gray-GG900-240dpi (Samsung Radianz)
  • Kauai Cream-KC213 (Samsung Radianz)Kauai Cream-KC213 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Kenai Pear-KP720-100dpi (Samsung Radianz)Kenai Pear-KP720-100dpi (Samsung Radianz)
  • Kunlun Ink-KI992-240dpi (Samsung Radianz)Kunlun Ink-KI992-240dpi (Samsung Radianz)
  • Luna Verde-LV225 (Samsung Radianz)Luna Verde-LV225 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Luna-VerdeLuna-Verde
  • Mauna Loa Black-MB990 (Samsung Radianz)Mauna Loa Black-MB990 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Mont Blanc Snow- MS141 (Samsung Radianz)Mont Blanc Snow- MS141 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Mystic Platinum (Samsung Radianz)Mystic Platinum (Samsung Radianz)
  • Noble-Gold Canyon Gray-GG950-240dpi (Samsung Radianz)Noble-Gold Canyon Gray-GG950-240dpi (Samsung Radianz)
  • Noble-Imperial Gray-IG910-240dpi (Samsung Radianz)Noble-Imperial Gray-IG910-240dpi (Samsung Radianz)
  • Noble-Mariposa Buff-MU410 (Samsung Radianz)Noble-Mariposa Buff-MU410 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Noble-Midnight Sapphire-MS980-240dpi (Samsung Radianz)Noble-Midnight Sapphire-MS980-240dpi (Samsung Radianz)
  • Noble-Mirama Bronze-MI780 (Samsung Radianz)Noble-Mirama Bronze-MI780 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Noble-Saltoro Cliff-SC235 (Samsung Radianz)Noble-Saltoro Cliff-SC235 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Rangoon Black RG994 (Samsung Radianz)Rangoon Black RG994 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Salina-RedSalina-Red
  • Sechura Mocha-SM499 (Samsung Radianz)Sechura Mocha-SM499 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Shasta Brown SA497 (Samsung Radianz)Shasta Brown SA497 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Teton Beige-TE215-100dpi (Samsung Radianz)Teton Beige-TE215-100dpi (Samsung Radianz)
  • Toluca Sand-TS495 (Samsung Radianz)Toluca Sand-TS495 (Samsung Radianz)
  • Ural Gray-UG9500-100dpiUral Gray-UG9500-100dpi